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A Detailed Analysis of QuickBooks 2014 Features

A new version of QuickBooks 2014 was released by Intuit back in October 2013. In addition to introducing a lot of new features, it brought significant improvements to the current structure of this software. While the changes are extensive in nature, the following are highlights of some changes that are made to QuickBooks.

Email Improvements

Email features are considered to be one of the weakest areas of QuickBooks, especially since they lack support and integration. However, certain changes were made to this aspect, improving the software’s performance to some extent. Some of these changes are mentioned below:

  • You can now find a tab for “Sent Emails” in the Customer Center. With it, the history of emails that you have sent to a client can be viewed from within QuickBooks.
  • You can now send a customer payment receipt through QuickBooks email.
  • The entire feature of sending emails is overhauled to give you a higher level of control over the messages sent from within QuickBooks.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.32.29 AM

Bank Feeds

A new online banking feature has been introduced to QuickBooks 2014: the Bank Feeds. You can use this feature to highlight different transactions through color codes and manage your business accounting with the bank more efficiently.

Other Miscellaneous Changes

There are several other useful features that have been included to the new QuickBooks version, some of which are:

  • Lists Management – The Find function in the list settings feature has been fine-tuned and an additional check box has been added for Search within Results. If you have a long list to manage, this feature can help you find exactly what you are looking for conveniently.
  • Income Tracker – This is an easy-to-use dashboard-like tool that can help you take a look at overdue invoices, open invoices, unbilled estimates and a lot of other things. The list is presented in a configurable spreadsheet format and replaces the Collection Center.

Now some features of the new QuickBooks have been criticized and called inefficient. Chances are that they haven’t learned how to operate the software and realize its full potential. So don’t make their mistake and train to use this robust software right away.   Some times a comprehensive QuickBooks course will help you get closer to the program.

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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