At the time being, we have an Intermediate Excel Class

The following are the top 10 topics most often requested for ADVANCED EXCEL CLASSES:

  1. Pivot Tables
    -Introduction to Pivot Table functionality
    -Setting up the data to be ready for Pivot Tables
    -Practical Examples and custom pivot table reports
  2. IF Function in Detail and operators
    -Sytax of IF
    -AND / OR Operators
  3. Lookup Formulas in Detail
    -VLookup explained with practical examples
    -HLookup explained with practical examples
    -Working with Name Ranges to simply lookups
    -Nested LOOKUPs
  4. Data Functions and Text Formulas
    -LEN and TRIM
    -FIND and MID
    -LEFT and RIGHT
    “What if” analysis with Goal Seek and Solver
  5. Macros – *Note: No VBA coding will be taught, just recorded event macros
  6. Advanced Topics in Pivot Tables, Slicers, PivotCharts, and PowerPivot
  7. Outside Database sources via ODBC, SQL, and other Sources
  8. Large Data cleanup and processing
  9. Automation techniques with Macros
  10. Importing Excel transaction data into QuickBooks using Transaction Pro


Since we do not have an ADVANCED EXCEL CLASS scheduled, we can offer advanced excel training for groups via our custom training packages or private excel training.