These are the most typical Advanced topics I get requested:

First, before taking any advanced course, you should learn the basics and intermediate topics, here is a course you can easily learn within 30 days, and it is $25:


How to hire us for custom training, first download 4-day curriculum to choose the topics you would like to learn, then call/email us the following info:

  1. Format of training: One-on-one via remote access in your own QuickBooks File, Online “webinar-style” on our own sample file or a duplicate of your file, In-person in our Miami training center, On-site at your location (travel)
  2. Desired topics from our list, or your own
  3. Desired Goals: what are your expectations, what do you want to achieve
  4. Number of attendees:  and current skill levels / roles of attendees
  5. Desired dates and times of day: plus number of hours you are available per session
  6. Number of sessions: only if you would like to break it into several

You can e-mail me: or call 1-800-819-6307; so we can quote you a customized training.  Custom training could vary from $450 to $4,500 or more