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Attend a QuickBooks Class, Get Training, Certify, and Land a Better Job

Learning Quickbooks isn’t a user-friendly job. The program is designed to be user-friendly but the operator must take time to learn all the program intricacies before taking full advantage of everything it can do. Classes in Quickbooks are not only worth the time necessary to learn everything about the program, they also make an employee marketable within and without the company.

1. Quickbooks looks great on a resume

An employee who can list Quickbooks among their skills gains an advantage; one who can list Quickbook classes has proof of the skill. If employers don’t have to test a candidate on their level of Quickbooks knowledge, the candidate ranks higher due to a lessened amount of necessary training.

2. Quickbook classes might promote an employee

An employee who isn’t searching for a new company but who might be searching for a promotion will become more marketable after Quickbooks classes. Anyone looking for a promotion is wise to continue training and acquiring new skills. The Quickbooks training course could be the catalyst which pushes a candidate toward a promotion.

3. Quickbooks works at home

Those who take the class should use Quickbooks at home. When a future employer or promotions manager asks about Quickbooks, the candidate will be able to demonstrate an ability to learn and implement a new skill. Employers understand that many people sit through classes, but employers want to know how the class knowledge was utilized.

Quickbooks classes offer more than just a basic knowledge of the program. They offer candidate marketability, which is highly important in the job market. Employers are quick to hire those who not only possess but demonstrate the ability to use a variety of different software.

As a professional bookkeeper, accountant, or business owner, attracting and keeping clients is crucial to staying in business. But you can be a step ahead of the competition by maintaining accurate and timely financial records through software packages such as QuickBooks. While continuing training can facilitate this goal, becoming QuickBooks certified can provide an even greater level of understanding and expertise.

So what steps can you take to begin the process of becoming QuickBooks certified? It all begins with just some simple research and brushing up on basic concepts to prepare for the exam.

  • Ensure you have a solid foundation of the concepts of profit and loss as well as business taxes and line-item budgeting. While there are no prerequisites for taking the certification exam, you will be better prepared by understanding these concepts.
  • Research the types of QuickBooks certifications available and decide which is the most appropriate for you. This is especially important if you plan on seeking an advanced certification since these exams are given at limited times during the year.
  • Attend certification classes and complete assignments and practice exams. If you are taking an online course, complete the exercises on a schedule as if you were attending a live class.
  • Purchase at least one preparation exam guide. By taking practice exams and reviewing the areas you missed, you can be better prepared for the real exam.
  • Use time wisely during the exam. Skip questions that you find difficult at first and return to them after completing the rest of the exam. This prevents you from wasting time on early difficult questions so that you can complete the rest of the exam.

QuickBooks Training of South Florida offers a variety of training packages for all levels of QuickBooks users including certification exam preparation. Contact us for more information on our coursework selections as well as our custom training options.


Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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