We know that choosing to purchase QuickBooks can be a bit confusing, so if you would like to purchase it from the experts, call us at 305-747-1725.  Otherwise, if you are going to purchase it on your own by calling Intuit or through another site, we wanted to let you know a few important things…

Almost all versions of QuickBooks are subscription-based paid annually or monthly and must be installed into a Windows PC:

*Call our office at 954-414-1524 for our promotional prices

Service that must be paid part of a monthly SUBSCRIPTION* and requires a Windows PC or Mac with Remote Desktop to access the Hosted Desktop services that Intuit offers with a partnership with Right Networks (this is great when you want to outsource your entire IT operation that pertains to QuickBooks while having the power of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise instead of QuickBooks Online):

NOTE: there are also editions with a customized number of users, other lower-cost editions (such as Silver and Gold), and seasonal discounts available, call us for more details

Service that must be paid part of a monthly SUBSCRIPTION* and does not need to be installed in a PC, because they work on any web browser (compatible with PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablets, Chromebooks, etc…)

NOTE: There is a one year 30% discount if you sign up through this link 


We can help you purchase the perfect edition for your business, just call us at 305-747-1725 (9am to 5pm EST M-F)  and we will gladly answer your questions about what edition has which features. We also have a shopping cart, so you can purchase on your own.  Note, not all editions can be purchased via the shopping cart.



*Desktop: Refers to a version of QuickBooks that is physically installed in a computer desktop or laptop that runs Microsoft Windows as the operating system (in contrast with a Apple Mac or a Chrome Book)

*Users: refers to the total number of people that can be logged into QuickBooks with their own credentials (even simultaneously).  This is an important term to understand for teams that are in a “multi-user” environment.  Note: some versions of QuickBooks can limit some users to have restricted access to specific areas of QuickBooks, such as banking or errors.

*Subscription: means that you must pay the annual fee while using the software, whenever you stop paying for the subscription, the software will stop functioning, and you will not be able to access the data with the software, even if it sits on your desktop.  All subscription services come with full support, and most non-subscription have very limited support.

*Silver Edition: has all the core components of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Accountant, plus all the extras that come with upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise, refer to this article.

*Platinum Edition: has all the core components of QuickBooks Enterprise Silver Edition, plus Advanced Inventory, Advanced Pricing, and Enhanced Payroll. Refer to this article for more details