Our Certificate program is for students that take levels:

  1. QuickBooks Level 1
  2. QuickBooks Level 2
  3. QuickBooks Level 3 


The regular price for all classes taken individually is $799, but with our Certificate program priced at $499, you save and have a credential for future emplyoment.

Please note that our certificate is a Certificate of Completion, it is not a license or official certification from the manufacturer.


Intuit offer an official examination called: “Certified QuickBooks User” which also includes Payroll related topics which we do not cover in our first 3 levels.  After taking our course and combining it with some experience you can get ready to the the Certified User exam at a Certiport Testing Center. We cover about 80% of contents from this exam in our 3-day Course Program, and the other 20% from our Payroll Class.   We are preparing the next batch of Certified Users for April 2013!


Our 3-Day Certificate class comes with the Book which contains these topics (although they will not all be covered):



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