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Choose the right version of QuickBooks…

We developed this 200+ feature comparison matrix to help you compare all versions of QuickBooks by the feature level. If you are new to the QuickBooks world and are looking to choose a version, we can help you if you answer these questions:


  • How many people need to access your accounting system?
  • What type of limited access (limitations/permissions) would you like to give to team members?
  • Will you or any team members need to access QuickBooks remotely (from home or another location outside main office)? If so, do you want to have your own server on premises or want it all on the cloud?
  • Do all users have Windows-PC’s? Or are there any Mac users?
  • If you were going to use a phone or tablet to perform an accounting-related function, what would you need it to do?
  • Do you use other apps right now for your business?
  • Does your accountant collaborate with you? If so, how? If not, how would you like for your accountant to collaborate?

Construction, Job Costing, and Project Reports

  • Do you want to track profitability by job? If so, at the summary job-level? Or item-level based on your estimate?
  • Do you need to display any special information in your estimates or invoices?
  • Do you need to track change orders?
  • Do you need a report with all your active jobs and their status?
  • Do you use the percentage of completion method or completed contract method?
  • Do you need to track employee (payroll) costs at the job-level?


Inventory, Manufacturing, and Assemblies

  • How many total unique items (inventory and non-inventory) will you need to manage?
  • Do you track customer backorders?
  • Do you receive partial shipments from vendors?
  • Do you have multiple inventory locations? Or even bin numbers within your single location?
  • Do you need to track inventory valuation as FIFO?
  • Do you need to track Lot numbers or Serial Numbers?
  • Do you want to use Bar Codes to scan your Inventory?
  • Are you receiving orders through e-commerce?
  • Do any of your suppliers or customers require EDI?
  • Do you assemble final products from raw materials?
  • Do you track WIP for partially assembled products or materials in process?
  • Do you track multiple units of measure?
  • Do you sometimes need to change the components of a Bill of Materials “on the fly”?
  • What else do you expect QuickBooks to DO in terms of Inventory Management?


Reporting and Other Needs

  • What type of financial information (besides P&L and Balance Sheet) would you like to be able to see?
  • Are you currently using any custom management reports? If so, could you please describe them?
  • Do you manage or want to manage your payroll internally? Or prefer to outsource?
  • Do you have different departments/locations you would like to track individual financial statements for?
  • Do you have multiple entities or company files that you would like to consolidate?


email us: with your answers and we will make the recommendation for you

Lastly, here is a 30 minute video that might also answer some of your questions before we talk:

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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