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Creating a new “clean” QuickBooks Desktop file

I have many clients that asks me to create a brand new “fresh” QuickBooks Desktop file for their business, because the old file has been corrupted or bloated with too much data.  And there are many ways to set that up, but the fundamental items that we setup :
  • Import Chart of Accounts
  • Import Opening Trial Balance to have a correct beginning balance on the balance sheet
  • Import Active Customers (Customer Notes can be imported, but not transaction notes – Customer notes are not word wrapped the way it is on the original file)
  • Import Active Vendors, Active Items, Inventory Opening Balance by Item, Open A/R and A/P summarized by transaction lump sum open balance without item details.
  • Import List of Employees without Payroll Data
We can do this with a 36 hour turnaround time – generally this would cost about $2,000 on regular business days or $2,750 over the weekend.  Generally we get the file on a Friday 5pm and Deliver it on Monday 9am.  On that Monday, we will stay connected for 2 hours so you can test the file, ask questions, and get some guidance on setting up the items that were not imported (see list of “not included”)
Not included:
  • Open Estimates will not be imported
  • Open Purchase Orders will not be imported
  • Open Sales Orders will not be imported
  • Pending Invoices will not be imported
  • Pending Builds will not be imported
  • Timesheets will not be imported
  • Employees Payroll Information will not be imported (If you use QuickBooks Payroll, the entire payroll module would need to be setup)
  • QuickBooks Payments (Merchant Account) will need to be re-synced to this new file
  • Partial Payments on transactions (A/P and A/R would be imported as a lump sum of the open balance of each transaction only)
  • All settings/preferences will need to be reconfigured
  • Attachments cannot be imported
  • Templates would need to be re-created
  • Memorized Reports would need to be re-created
  • Creating Users with permissions
  • Custom Fields would need to be re-created
  • Price Levels might need to be re-created
  • Budgets and Forecasts need to be re-created
  • Bank Feeds would need to be re-connected
  • Memorized Transactions would need to be re-created
  • Any 3rd party app would need to be re-connected
  • No multi-currency transactions will be imported, and any multi-currency would need to be setup again
  • To Do, Reminders, Lead Center, and Calendar entries will not be imported
  • Multiple warehouse/bin locations for inventory item
  • Enhanced Inventory Receiving will be turned off
  • Item Receipts without Bills
  • All banks and credit cards must be reconciled to date
  • Inactivate Customers, Vendors, and Items without balances that you don’t want us to import.  If you want us to import any items, customers, or vendors without balances, they must be made active if you want us to import
  • All Item Receipts need to be Converted to Bills, we will not import just Item Receipts
Some of the most requested items are:
  • Import Open Estimates
  • Import Open Sales Orders
  • Import Open Purchase Orders

These are a little tricky, because some are partially completed and our data export/import software cannot detect partially open transactions and/or import them as partially closed, so it is a bit of a manual process to bring those.  Another common request is to bring Invoices with line item detail, this is possible; but it will increase the price and certainly require more time – sometimes up to a week!


If you one a person from our team to review your file and give you an exact price, contact us: or call our office 305-692-0001

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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