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Custom Fields on Name Lists

QuickBooks allows users to create fields within the program that will track information specifically needed by that user. Information for which there is no place in normal QuickBooks fields.

There are a couple of places this custom information can be tracked. In this post, we will look at custom fields as associated with names lists in QuickBooks.

An example would be a company that did repair work for aircraft. When the repair company worked on a plane or helicopter, the serial number of the aircraft must be on the invoice.

QuickBooks doesn’t have a field on the invoice for serial numbers like this. But, with the flexibility of custom fields, we can create one.


By editing a customer (any customer) and navigating to the Additional Info tab, custom fields are available. Clicking on the Define Fields button pulls up the Set up Custom Fields for names window.

A new custom field has been created named, Serial Number. This custom field will be used for customers only. It will now be available for all customers.

With the new field setup, we can now place it on our invoice.

An invoice template can be customized by displaying the list of templates, choosing the desired template, and choosing edit. Or, it can be edited by displaying the invoice template onscreen and choosing Customize Data Layout from the Formatting ribbon.

Either way the customization window opens and the many customizing options becomes available. The custom fields we create for names are available to place in the header portion of the invoice form.

Note in the screenshot that Serial Number, our custom field just created, is shown as the last selection in the column of available fields.

In the graphic, Serial Number has been selected to show in both the onscreen view of the invoice  and in the printed copy as well. Depending on your template, it may be necessary to go to Layout Designer to make all your fields fit and display on the printed form properly.

Once the customization is complete, the invoice template can be saved. Now, when using this template in a transaction, the invoice appears like this:

The serial number for each aircraft repaired can be included on the invoice.

QuickBooks only has one field for this information and it is located in the customer record. However, the data used in the custom field on the invoice template will be saved with that invoice transaction.

In our example here, one customer could have multiple aircraft. Each time one was repaired, the specific serial number for that plane would be saved with the invoice.

The result would be a complete record of the specific aircraft repaired with each invoice or work ticket.

Hector Garcia, CPA
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Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia is a CPA and QuickBooks Consultant.

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