We have helped hundreds of people convert their data from:

This is a very customized service, as every case is unique, call us to discuss and we can review your data to determine a fixed price for the project.  We could also train you or coach you through the data conversion process.

The most common request we get is getting data from another accounting system into QuickBooks and in almost every occasion, our customers are seeking the “price” we would charge to do it for them… Their projects vary a LOT! especially because the quality of the information from the other system may or may not be “import-ready”; and it could be an ultra-laborious and expensive job or could be very simple and inexpensive; the AMOUNT of data also matter matters, for example:

  • Simple job: Importing Chart of Accounts, Trial balance as of the last tax return or financial statement (i.e. 12/31/2016), importing the list of customers, vendors, and/or inventory items. Setting up bank and credit card accounts. Training/Support on this can be $475 to $1,500 on avg.
  • Avg. Job: in addition to the simple job, importing receivable balances for each customer and payable balance for each vendor, importing beginning balances of inventory, setting up estimate/sales order/purchase order/ invoice templates, breaking down each of the fixed assets from tax/depreciation report. Training/Support or actually importing the data can be $950 to $2,800 $475 to $1,500 on avg.
  • Complex Job: importing items with subitems, importing historical transactions (banks, credit cards, vendors), importing historical financial statements for YoY and MoM comparison, importing historical sales with inventory, and importing other customized data. Training/Support or actually importing the data can be $2,500 to $15,000 $475 to $1,500 on avg.


If you need help “catching-up” your accounting so you can work in real-time in QuickBooks or need help just entering historical financial statements, we also provide traditional accounting/bookkeeping services.


Email us: hector@qbkaccounting.com with your case and we will guide you through the options