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Over the last couple of versions of desktop QuickBooks, significant changes to the desktop view have been introduced. Understanding the changes in appearance and how to customize them can help QuickBooks users work more efficiently.

Initially, when QuickBooks 2013 was released, there was almost no color. All screens were shades of black, white, and gray. This change disappointed many QuickBooks customers and color was re-introduced in a subsequent release.

Besides just adding default color back to many of the screens, QuickBooks also allowed users to select from custom colors affecting mostly borders.

This feature was greatly requested since it allowed users with multiple company files to use a different color scheme with each. This allowed for easier identification of the company file currently open.

The Open Window List was returned to the View menu. It’s not that the capability left QuickBooks, it’s a great feature. But, it had been moved to the new Left Icon panel.

Now, QuickBooks users have a choice. The open windows list on the left panel looks like this:

The new look since QuickBooks 2013 has been to place the Open Windows list on the left panel. There are other options as well. Shortcuts, Account Balances, and Favorite Reports are some of the options for replacing the Open Windows list.

Also, note the red circle around the arrow shape near the top of the screenshot. This allows the panel to collapse to a very narrow strip while working in QuickBooks. A simple click of the mouse will bring it back to a usable size when the information there is needed.

Another option that left with the original QuickBooks 2013 but then returned was the Top Icon Bar.

The View menu holds options for Top Icon bar, Left icon Bar, or Hide Icon bar.

The Top Icon Bar option gives the QuickBooks user the option to return to that familiar style that has existed in QuickBooks for years.

The Left Icon Bar, of course, eliminates the top icon bar and activates the Left Panel already discussed.

Hide Icon Bar de-activates both options.

Hector Garcia, CPA
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Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia is a CPA and QuickBooks Consultant.

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