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Do I need a 3rd party tool to import transactions from excel into QuickBooks Online?

The answer is “maybe”; let’s break down the different situations first.

NOTE: if you are looking for QuickBooks Desktop related info, read this article instead

Importing list entries (not transactions) into QuickBooks Online

All versions of QuickBooks Online have built-in functionality to import into QuickBooks the following lists:

  • Customer List
  • Vendor List
  • Item List (Products and Services)
  • Account List (Chart of Accounts)


Importing Transactions into QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Advanced has a LIMITED feature allowing you to import these transactions types:


Additionally, All other versions of QuickBooks Online (Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced) have the ability to import from a CSV File bank and credit card transactions into Bank Feeds; but that is not the same as “importing transactions” so we will dismiss those as a true way to import transactions


So the original question was: Do I need a 3rd party tool to import transactions from excel into Online like: SaasAnt, TPI, or Zed Axis?

Ok, the the answer might be YES, there are several options out there, the top 3 apps that can do it are:

  • Transaction Pro Importer $10/month per company file (up to 200 transactions) or $25/month (unlimited)
  • Zed Axis for one-time fee of $199 (unlimited transactions and unlimited QBO Company files)
  • SaasAnt $10/month per company file (unlimited transactions)


I have used all 3 of the apps, and there are certainly a lot more that 3… but for comparison sake, I think SaasAnt is the best bang for the buck because you also get Exporting, Batch Delete and Batch Editing (limited fields) features built-in.  With SaasAnt, you can import the following transactions and list types:

  • Invoice
  • Receive Payment
  • Estimate
  • Credit Memo
  • Sales Receipt
  • Refund Receipt
  • Expense
  • Check
  • Bill
  • Bill Payment
  • Purchase Order
  • Vendor Credit
  • Credit Card Credit
  • Journal Entry
  • Time Activity
  • Customer
  • Vendor
  • Employee
  • Location
  • Product/ Service
  • Chart Of Accounts

You can download a template of all the transactions and list entries for SaasAnt here.

Here is a video, where I explain how to import credit card transactions into QuickBooks Online using SaasAnt:

Here are some additional videos on the topic:


If you need assistance importing lists or transactions into QuickBooks, email us: for a quote.

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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