Examples of topics taught in custom courses in the past:

Basic to Intermediate – Full Day Class

  1. Entering data and working with sheets
    -Enter Text, Numbers, or Dates Data
    -AutoComplete and AutoFill
    -Copy/Duplicate Sheet
    -Rename, organize, and reference multiple sheets
  2. Organizing Data:
    -Sorting and Filtering
    -Adding, Copying, and  Deleting Columns.  Rows as well
    -Copy and Paste as Text
    -Find and Replace
    -Basic Formatting of headers, lines, fonts, column sizes
  3. Basic Formulas
    -Using the “=” sign and parenthesis “( )”  manage formulas
    -Absolute References (F4 Function)
    -Statistical Formulas: SUM, AVG, COUNT,
  4. Formatting and Charts
    -Number/Data Formatting
    -Alignment, Font, and Sizes
    -Highlight and Colors
    -Basic Charts


Intermediate to Advanced – Full Day Class

  1. Filters Tips and Tricks
    -Working with Filters, zero/no value items
    -Conditional Formatting
    -Copying and pasting filtered data / SUM and Count Filtered data only
    -Table / Data Range Naming
  2. Advanced Formulas and Functions
    -IF Formula
    -Trim and Concatenate
    -VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Formula
    -Text to Columns
    -Data Validation – Drop Down List Menu
  3. Excel Shortcuts
    -Finding Functions
    -Finding Answers
    -Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Pivot Tables
    -Introduction to Pivot Table functionality
    -Setting up the data to be ready for Pivot Tables
    -Practical Examples and custom pivot table reports

Advanced to Expert – Full Day Class

  1. IF Function in Detail and operators
    -Sytax of IF
    -AND / OR Operators
  2. Lookup Formulas in Detail
    -VLookup explained with practical examples
    -HLookup explained with practical examples
    -Working with Name Ranges to simply lookups
    -Nested LOOKUPs
  3. Data Functions and Text Formulas
    -LEN and TRIM
    -FIND and MID
    -LEFT and RIGHT
  4. “What if” analysis with Goal Seek and Solver
  5. Macros – *Note: No VBA coding will be taught, just recorded event macros


Expert – Half-Day Class

  1. Advanced Topics in Pivot Tables, Slicers, PivotCharts, and PowerPivot
  2. Outside Database sources via ODBC, SQL, and other Sources
  3. Large Data cleanup and processing
  4. Automation techniques with Macros
  5. Importing Excel transaction data into QuickBooks using Transaction Pro


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