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Excel Training: Adding Numbers in Excel 2013

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Add numbers in cells using formulas

Formulas always start with the equals sign. Then enter a number, then a plus sign, then another number, and press Enter. You can add many numbers together this way. And AutoSum in Excel makes it easy to add adjacent cells in rows and columns.

The SUM function in Excel

When adding a few cells, the SUM function saves you time. With larger ranges of cells, it’s essential. To create a formula with the SUM function, type the equals (=) sign, SUM, open parenthesis, select the range of cells you want to add, and press Enter.

The SUMIF function

The SUMIF function allows you add cells that meet a criteria that you provide within Excel. For example, if B2 is greater than 100, add C2; if B3 is greater than 100, add C3; and so on.


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