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Extend QuickBooks’ Usefulness with Add-Ons

The Intuit App Center has dozens of integrated add-on applications that build on what QuickBooks itself can do.

Are you finding that QuickBooks just isn’t meeting all of your needs anymore? You may have taken QuickBooks training courses to see if you could stretch its capabilities, but you can’t. And you don’t want to change to a brand new accounting program.

You don’t have to, unless you:

  • Need to let more people use the software simultaneously than it allowed
  • Are running up against QuickBooks’ data capacity, or
  • Have developed sophisticated inventory management needs.

You can probably find an add-on in the Intuit App Center that will handle the tasks that QuickBooks can’t. Here’s a look at some of the more commonly-used integrated solutions.

Billing and Invoicing has been around for many years, and has become a real powerhouse application in that time. It expands the accounts receivable and accounts payable abilities of QuickBooks tremendously. You can pay bills and send invoices, setting up a workflow that keeps your cash flow moving. Store documents, automate procedures and stay connected to your financials remotely.

You can set up multiple approval levels in

Method CRM was designed to work with QuickBooks, so its integration is exceptional. It gives you access to QuickBooks data from any web browser, anywhere. You can view and modify all of your lists, including customers, vendors, employees and items. Method CRM also lets you create and edit financial transactions. Everything gets synched with QuickBooks, so you’re never out of the loop.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Salesforce is the biggest name there is in the CRM field, and there’s a version that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. Salespeople have limited access to the customer data they need as they interact, but the application is mostly about managing relationships and the sales pipeline. The advanced version even allows inventory tracking.

Salesforce for QuickBooks is a powerful combination of two industry leaders.

Expense Tracking

Shoeboxed manages all of those expense receipts that take so much time to enter, and helps prevent problems caused by inaccurate data entry. You simply mail prepaid envelopes full of completed receipts to the company, and its staff scans, organizes and categorizes them before transferring them to your QuickBooks account.

Travel Expense Reporting

Concur provides tools that help road warriors keep up with their expenses as they occur; it’s available as both a browser-based and mobile app. Travelers can even take pictures of receipts with smartphones to include as documentation. QuickBooks transfers all of the needed customers, jobs, codes, etc. to Concur, and completed expense reports can be submitted and synched with QuickBooks.

Many More

There are numerous other apps that can be easily integrated with QuickBooks. And you don’t necessarily need to take QuickBooks training to implement and use them – their designers build them so they can be easily added to your workflow.

So before you consider moving to different accounting software, explore the Intuit App Center. QuickBooks – with some help from its partners – may continue to work just fine for your company.

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