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Fishbowl Inventory Picks Up Where QuickBooks Leaves Off

A good QuickBooks training course can teach you to master Fishbowl Inventory, which goes far beyond QuickBooks’ inventory management abilities.

If you started off as a simple product-based business, QuickBooks’ item-tracking may have been good enough for you. You could record details like product names and descriptions, cost and sales price, related accounts and the number currently available on sales or purchase orders. If you specified a reorder point, QuickBooks would alert you when you reached it.  A handful of reports helped you keep your stock levels from being too high or too low.

QuickBooks inventory reports.

But what happens when your business flourishes and you need a different costing method? Or you’re opening multiple locations? Or you must have more flexible pricing levels? QuickBooks’ capabilities in other areas are working fine for you, but its inventory-management features are falling far short. QuickBooks classes discuss options for growing beyond QuickBooks, like in this situation.

An Easy, Affordable Solution: Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory was built to be integrated with QuickBooks. In fact, though it has formidable competition, it’s the #1 inventory management solution for QuickBooks. Fishbowl Inventory can be used as a standalone solution, but pairing it with QuickBooks  turns it into a full-featured small business accounting system with exceptional inventory capabilities.

The difference between the two is startling. For example, Fishbowl Inventory offers four costing methods compared to QuickBooks’ two options. It supports barcode printing and scanning, where QuickBooks doesn’t. You can coordinate drop shipping in Fishbowl, but not in QuickBooks.

Fishbowl Inventory reports

Other advantages Fishbowl Inventory has over QuickBooks include:

  • Multiple location and warehouse support
  • Remote access via any internet connection
  • Group and cost-plus pricing, in addition to percent and amount
  • Support for work-in-progress
  • Extensive part tracking.

Good Inventory Management a Sign of Competence

Can a powerful application that automates a complex process like inventory management be easy enough for the non-accountant to use? Yes and no. Fishbowl Inventory uses standard Windows conventions like drop-down menus, icons and labeled fields for data input. It’s designed to be used by businesses that don’t employ an accounting professional.

But if your inventory situation is sophisticated enough that you need such a powerful software solution, professional QuickBooks training is in order. It’s much, much easier to learn the product from the ground up than to have to untangle a system that has been used incorrectly.

You know how you feel when you try to order something and it’s not available. It makes you wonder how professional and competent the company is if it can’t anticipate demand. So you owe it to your customers and yourself to use the best tools available for your inventory management. Fishbowl Inventory can supply those, and QuickBooks classes can ensure that you’re using them correctly and optimally.

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