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Fixed Asset Manager and Fixed Asset Items in QuickBooks Desktop


In this video we show to you how fixed asset manager and fixed asset items works in QuickBooks Desktop





Table of Contents:

  • 00:00:00 – Intro (QuickBooks Desktop)
  • 00:00:42 – Traditional way that we manage fixed assets (Reports, Company & Financial, Balance Sheet Standard) (example) (how it works)
  • 00:03:01 – How to access the fixed asset manager (company, manage fixed assets or accountant, manage fixed assets)
  • 00:03:21 – QuickBooks Fixed Asset Manager (how it works)
  • 00:05:43 – Chart of accounts (it should match chart of accounts of QuickBooks Desktop with QuickBooks fixed asset manager)
  • 00:06:17 – QuickBooks Fixed Asset Manager tabs (Schedule, Asset, Disposal, Projection, Notes, Calendar)
  • 00:07:32 – Fixed assets lists (lists, fixed asset item list)
  • 00:08:33 – How to add new fixed asset in fixed assets lists (step by step) (example)
  • 00:10:59 – Open QuickBooks Fixed Asset Manager (update assets from QuickBooks) (asset tab) (general ledger accounts)
  • 00:13:37 – Groupings (federal, book, state) (methods of depreciation) (report) (client information) (asset tools) (how it works, example)
  • 00:25:42 – Asset tools
  • 00:27:06 – Display tax worksheet (reports) (creates tax form for you)
  • 00:28:02 – Post journal entry to QuickBooks (how it works)
  • 00:30:11 – Display journal entry list
  • 00:31:38 – Write check (example) (book the purchase)
  • 00:33:13 – Reports (list, fixed asset listing) (customize report)
Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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