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Get More Out of QuickBooks Reports: Xpanded Reports

Build exceptionally robust reports using Excel-like features – and more – with your familiar QuickBooks report templates, data and understandable interface.

Attend a QuickBooks training course, or watch an instructional video, and one of the things that will undoubtedly be covered is report customization. A good instructor will explain how you can use QuickBooks’ reporting tools to their fullest extent to give you insight that will help you make better decisions.

It’s important to learn these basics. But what do you do if you want more in-depth, carefully-customized reports that don’t require intimate knowledge of Excel’s complicated formulas and processes?

Xpanded Reports gives you the best of both worlds. Using your QuickBooks report templates as a base, you can build sophisticated reports that go well beyond what you can do in QuickBooks itself. You’ll have functionality that rivals Excel’s, and even improves on it in some cases.

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Look familiar? Xpanded Reports builds new customization and filtering options into the familiar QuickBooks interface.

This integrated application is exceedingly easy to use. Its interface is something of a blend between QuickBooks and Excel’s, though it retains QuickBooks’ simplicity, usability and overall look. You select a report from the list, display it in summary, detail or as raw data, and customize it using standard buttons, drop-down lists and data fields.

There’s a wide variety of ways to shape and display your reports, too, using, for example, charts and graphs, filtering (far more complex than what QuickBooks offers), pivot tables and computed columns.

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Xpanded reports lets you use QuickBooks data combined with the type of tools Excel offers, like pivot tables.

You’d probably need to take a QuickBooks class to learn how to do everything in Excel. But you already have a leg up by knowing how to use the standard reporting functions in QuickBooks. Xpanded Reports combines those existing features with much more. For example, you get enhanced security (better user access control), expanded filtering options (use of and/or, wild cards, include/exclude/contains), and flexible report memorization.

Adding to that, Xpanded Reports offers:

  • Access to more QuickBooks data
  • Formulas and additional filtering
  • Unlimited grouping, and
  • More summary options.

Even Excel lacks some of those capabilities.

Reports are critical in understanding the health and direction of your company. If you’ve ever been frustrated by QuickBooks’ limitations in this important area, you’ll find that the ability to use existing QuickBooks report templates and data with easy-to-use but powerful Excel-like tools can make a big difference in that understanding.

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