Hector Garcia’s (Great Grandma From Mexico) Guacamole Recipe:

Mash the avocados with a wooden or plastic spoon, and avoid using anything of metal, it changes the flavor when it contacts lime and oxydizes faster… Also put the big avocado seeds back in the mix when done mixing, maintains freshness longer.  Do not PUREE it, you need it to be chunky as well, but no chunk should be bigger than a dice.  Mix the ingredients together, always add salt/pepper and extra lime at the end.. this allows you to bring it to the exact salt and citric level you want.

Guacamole is meant to be eaten within 4 hours of serving, beyond that it deteriorates.

Additionally, when you make great guac, avoid having salty or flavored tortilla chips.  My favorite are the organic/natural purple ones from Tostitos:

The purple chip against bright green guac is tastes and LOOKS awesome….  People eat with their eyes before their mouth!

PS:  Other people like to put tomatoes, red/green peppers, cayanne pepper, cumin, olive oil, vinegar…..    Don’t overkill it, the simpler the better, specially if you got a good batch of avocados.   Tip: you can buy a small order of guac. at CHIPOTLE and use it as inspiration, they have a very similar recipe to mine.