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How to Memorize and E-Mail QuickBooks Online Reports

Once you’ve memorized them, you can automate a sending schedule.

One of your most important accounting tasks as a small businessperson is the creation of reports. If you’re not familiar with the concepts related to standard financial reports, it would be a good idea to take a QuickBooks training course.

Sometimes, you’ll want to share your reports with other staff members or with your accountant (if he or she doesn’t already have access to your QuickBooks Online site). The easiest way to do this is by memorizing the report(s) and setting up a schedule to have them automatically emailed.

Here’s how to do this in QuickBooks Online.

Click on the Reports tab and find the one you want. Do any customization necessary (change dates, etc.) by clicking on the small wrench icon to the right of the name, and click Run Report.

Click the Memorize button in the upper left. If you want to create a group or reports or let other users share a copy of this one, put a check in the appropriate boxes. It should look something like this:

The Memorize Report dialog box, with its options.

Click OK. Next, make sure the Reports tab is highlighted and click Memorized Reports in the submenu below it. Highlight your report and click the Edit button in the lower right of the screen. The Memorized Report Settings window opens.

Put a check mark in the box next to Set the email schedule for this group (even if you haven’t created a group). Now click the Edit Schedule button to the right and set your interval and date range (for quarterly, select Monthly and define it accordingly). Click OK.

Indicate when and how often you want your QuickBooks Online memorized report emailed, and enter an end date if necessary.

The window will close, and you should see the schedule you just created. Below that, you’ll address the email that will contain your memorized report. If you include multiple users, use commas or semi-colons to separate them, and don’t use any spaces (you can’t pull email addresses in from elsewhere).

By default, your QuickBooks Online reports will be dispatched in HTML format. If you’d like, you can check the box next to Attach the report as an Excel file. Click Save, and your list of memorized reports will appear on the screen with this new information.

To edit or delete an email directive, highlight the desired report and click Edit or Delete in the lower right corner.

Not feeling confident about orchestrating this process? A good QuickBooks training course will go over this in depth, and can help you understand which reports you should be viewing regularly.

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