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Tools to Import Data from Excel into QuickBooks

Last Update: 01/28/2018 by Hector Garcia, CPA

First, the top 3rd party tool I use everyday to import BANK transactions into QuickBooks when I have them in Excel or CSV is called: CSV2QBO by MoneyThumb

  • Price: $59 for CSV2QBO
  • Price $149 for PDF2QBO
  • Price $249 for 2bo Convert Pro (which includes PDF2QBO, CSV2QBO, QIF2QBO, and PDF2CSV all in one)
  • Price $2999 for 2bo Convert Pro+ (which includes PDF2QBO, CSV2QBO, QIF2QBO, and PDF2CSV all in one) and scanned statements as well
    Description: works with major banks and credit cards in US, requires an original (not scanned) PDF statement or a Excel/CSV File, it will read the information and convert to .QBO for Bank Feeds. Our Full Review here
  • Best part: .QBO Files import into  ALL VERSIONS OF QuickBooks, Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Mac, and QuickBooks Online!

Secondly, I would like to list the built-in features that QuickBooks (N0 additional cost) already has regarding importing data already in excel straight into QuickBooks without the need of a third party software or fancy programming/coding skills.

Add/Edit Multiple Entries:

This feature was add on in QuickBooks 2010, it allows you to import the following: List Items (Inventory, Non-Inventory, and Services), Customer, and Vendors. The best part is you can actually copy and paste single columns or multiple columns.


Advanced Data Import

You can import Customers, Vendors, Items (all types), and Accounts (Chart of Accounts) including their beginning balances.


Batch Enter Transactions.

Only available in QuickBooks Accountant 2013, 2014,  2015, and 2016 / QuickBooks Enterprise 14, 15, and 16Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 8.03.06 PM 

I have a complete article about using the Batch Enter Transactions to import excel into Quickbooks on this feature


With 3rd-Party applications

Now, I will continue to list the 3rd party utilities (extra cost and additional learning curve) that can import data that from excel that you couldn’t otherwise:

Zed Axis Importer 11.0

  • Maker: Zed Systems
  • Price: $195
  • Link:
  • Description: Can import all transaction types except payroll, hard to get to work at first, but once you get it once, it becomes easy to use.  Map settings can be saved for repetitive imports.

Read our Review or watch this Video Example


eZ Account Import

Video Example


RSSBus Excel Add-in for QuickBooks

  • RSSBus
  • Price: $89
  • Link:
  • Description: Work 100% within excel, you can even import data into Excel from QuickBooks.  You can modify it, delete rows, and/or add new data.  It is a bit cumbersome to use, even within excel.



Transaction Pro Importer

  • Maker: Baystate Consulting
  • Price: $199
  • Link: TPI
  • Description: Very complete package with comprehensive set of tools.  We will test it and write a full review.


IIF Transaction Creator

  • Big Red Consulting
  • Price: $99
  • Link:
  • Description: Works 100% within excel, then export to IIF which is QuickBooks’ natural transaction importing environment. Can import: Customer Invoice, Customer Credit Memo, Customer Sales Receipt, Customer Payment Received, Customer Statement Charge, Customer Estimate, Vendor Bill, Vendor Bill Credit, Vendor Bill Payment, Check, Vendor Item Receipt, Vendor Purchase Order, Bank Check, Bank Deposit, Credit Card Charge, Credit Card, Credit, General Journal, Inventory Adjustment, and Transfers.

Dynamic Ventures General Journal Entry

Finally,  check out our
Comparison guide of all 3rd party tools that import and export data form Quickbooks and Excel


Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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21 Responses

  1. Dear Hector,

    Thank you for sharing your expertise on website. I am a new user of QuickBooks and the Company I just joined use QuickBooks Pro 2000. I would like to improve our productivity from manual input to importing from Excel to QuickBooks. Please advise if this is possible with QuickBooks Pro 2000.

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

    Best Regards
    Vincent Thai

    1. QuickBooks Pro 2000.. I dont even remember what that looks like. I would probably recommend QuickBooks Accountant 2014 or 2015

  2. Dear Hector,

    Do you think the batch processing feature is available on the Proficiency version? What version do you suggest for a Non Profit?

    Thank you for your advice.


    1. You need QuickBooks Accountant Edition to use the built-in importing features. that will be good for non profit as well

  3. hello hector! Thank you for this page. im having trouble finding the batch enter transaction tab in Quickbooks pro 2013 please help me. I cant find it in company tab.

  4. Hi..would like to know it is possible to import my sales report files from excel to quickbooks without any 3rd party systems? Im using QB 2012 and it was hard for me to encode all ofnthe datas manually to meet my deadline….hope you could help me :-(

  5. Hi! I would just like to ask if you already made a review of Transaction Pro Importer. I just want to know the better tool between Zed Axis and Transaction Pro Importer. Since these third party programs are the only two recommended by Intuit for QuickBooks. Hoping for a reply. Thank you and more power.

  6. Hello! I have QuickBooks Pro 2011. I’m trying to import a simple list from Excel into QuickBooks and have QuickBooks turn that list into separate invoices. The list in Excel includes customer name, service type, description, cost, quantity, etc. (with each customer on a new line). I want each line in Excel to become an invoice in QuickBooks assigned to the customer listed on that line.
    Is there a way to do this?
    Thank you!!

  7. I have QB Pro 2013 and wish to use a spreadsheet to enter investment management client quarterly invoice information in QB. I would then like to use a receipt Spreadsheet to post the payments that typically come for 500 separate accounts in one check that must be applied to the appropriate Invoice and account receivable posted above. Must I buy a third party supplemental software or the Accountant version?

  8. I am interested in a solution to import an journal entry from excel into Quickbooks Premier contractor Edition 2015

  9. Working on conversion from a very old accounting software not compatible with excel to 2017 Premier Accounting. I would like to know more about your IIF conversion tools and any other data upload tools you may have available.


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