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Import Sales Orders from spreadsheet into QuickBooks

To import sales orders (and many other transaction types) from a CSV / Excel file into QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise, you can use a terrific tool called ZED AXIS 11 which is great for this scenario.  First lets look at the sample excel file I will be working with:


Notice, I simplified the columns… normally, if you are getting a spreadsheet like this produced from some other software or shopping cart system, you will probably have a whole bunch of columns you probably do not need, I cleaned it to only look at the ones we are interested in importing, containing:

  • Customer Name
  • Order Number
  • Order Date
  • Item Name
  • QTY
  • Price per Unit
  • Total

Keep in mind you can also bring in address, memos, item descriptions, etc… I just left them put for this example.   Once you know your spreadsheet is clean and ready for import.  Now, after you launch ZED AXIS, you must create a connection with your QuickBooks File, and you need to click on CONNECT:


And QuickBooks will request to approve the connection:


After the connection is established, ZED AXIS will confirm the connection by displaying the QuickBooks Company File Name:


The next step is to go to the IMPORT tab, and choose the Excel file to import by clocking on BROWSE:


And choose the worksheet, if your got multiple worksheets:


And then click on MORE OPTIONS from the Import Options section on the right side, so set the presets for ZED to use when a new item is created from the import:


After setting up your default type and accounts for new items, click on OK… Now we need to setup the mapping:


For the first time importing that spreadsheet format, you must create a New Mapping that matches your spreadsheet columns with the data fields that QuickBooks should be importing them into:


After selecting the transaction import type, you need to make sure that every line relevant to the import is “mapped”, and the Data Preview is great to get a quick glance on the type of info that will be imported:


Once the mapping is all set, you can execute the import after you preview the new mapped spreadsheet:


And you will get a confirmation of what imported and what didn’t (if applies):


And you can switch back to QuickBooks to see what imported:


One important thing to notice is that multiple lines with the same reference number will go into the same transaction:

In this example, reference order 8001 has 3 items:


Why do I like ZED AXIS? it is a time fee of $199, no need to pay a monthly subscription and it works with unlimited number of companies.  And the best part, they have a fully functional 30-day trial, so you can test you data imports before buying it!


I also have another post about: 3rd party programs that do import/export with Quickbooks






Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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