In this video we show you how to clean up the data before import, how to create an account to each transaction, how to copy/paste deposits from excel to QuickBooks and how to reconcile and reclassify transactions




Table of contents:


  • 00:00:43 – How to clean up the data before import.
  • 00:04:56 – How to split or separate my debits from my credits.
  • 00:06:53 – Select all the payees and come into QuickBooks to create all those payees as customers (step by step) and then the same process but as vendors.
  • 00:08:58 – Go to accountant menu, click on batch enter transactions and start with checks or bank debits (copy/paste checks/debits).
  • 00:12:10 – Create an account and copy down to put every single transaction to an expense account in this case (example).
  • 00:12:55 – Copy/paste deposits or credits from excel to QuickBooks.
  • 00:14:35 – Reconcile (steps: click on reports, company financial, profit and loss standard, dates, last fiscal year, then click on banking and begin your reconciliation process).
  • 00:16:12 – Reclassify transactions (income and expenses).
  • 00:21:08 – Profit and loss progress after reclassifying transactions.
Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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