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Importing IIF files into QuickBooks

Updated 09/01/2017

If you have downloaded the IIF Import Kit, you will find there the IIF Header Help folder that lists the column headings that you can use for each list type (i.e. Customer list, Vendor list, etc). Inside each transaction import file, there are usually three file header lines that occupy the first, second, and third rows (row 1, 2, and 3 in the example below).  You can also download sample import Quickbooks IIF files here for each transaction type:

Transaction Type

File Name

Bill bill.iif
Bill payment-check bill_payment.iif
Bill payment-credit card bill_paymentcc.iif
Bill credit bill_credit.iif
Cash sales with sales tax enabled cash_sales_with_tax.iif
Cash sales without sales tax enabled cash.iif
Check check.iif
Credit card refund credit_card_refund.iif
Credit memo credit_memo.iif
Credit memo with sales sales tax enabled credit_memo_with_sales_tax.iif
Customer payment customer_payment.iif
Deposit deposit.iif
Estimate estimate.iif
Estimate with sales tax enabled estimate_with_sales_tax.iif
Invoice with sales tax enabled invoice_sales_tax_charged.iif
Invoice with sales tax and group items groupitem_with_salestax.iif
Invoice without sales tax enabled invoice.iif
Invoice with no sales tax and group items groupitem_without_salestax.iif
Item receipt (before Bill) item_receipt.iif
General Journal Entry journal.iif
Purchase order purchase_order.iif
Sales tax payment sales_tax_payment.iif
Statement charge statement_charge.iif
Transfer (Balance Sheet accounts only) transfer.iif

Also, these lists are importable:

  • Time Entry Activity
  • Classes
  • Budgets
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Customer Type
  • Items
  • Other Names
  • Payment Methods
  • Shipping Methods
  • Terms
  • Vendors
  • Vendor Types

The following transaction types CANNOT be imported using IIF files:

  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Pay Check
  • Payroll Liability Payment
  • Year-To-Date Adjustment
  • Payroll Liability Adjustment
  • Sales Order
  • Assembly Item Builds
  • Sales Tax Liability Payment

This is a good example of how IIF’s work:


Other articles on importing data from from spreadsheets into Quickbooks:



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