I posted two video on importing transactions into QuickBooks Online using Transaction Pro Importer:

Transaction Pro Importer has Import, Export, and Delete options by transaction type

Bank Statements (Deposits and Expenses) Y
Bills Y Y Y
Bill Payments Y Y Y
Checks Y Y
Credit Card Charges Y Y
Credit Card Credits Y Y
Credit Memos Y Y Y
Deposits Y Y Y
Estimates Y Y Y
Invoices Y Y Y
Journal Entries Y Y Y
Expenses or Cash Expenses Y Y Y
Purchase Orders Y Y Y
Receive Payments Y Y Y
Refund receipts Y Y Y
Sales Receipts Y Y Y
Time Activities Y Y Y
Transfers Y Y
Vendor Credits Y Y
Accounts List Y Y Y
Classes List Y Y
Customers List Y Y
Employees List Y Y Y
Products and Services List Y Y
Locations List Y Y
Vendors List Y Y


These are all the fields available by transaction type

Transaction Type Field
Accounts Name
Accounts Description
Accounts AccountNumber
Accounts AccountType
Accounts AccountSubType
Accounts Currency
Bank Statements TxnDate
Bank Statements PrivateNote
Bank Statements Currency
Bank Statements ExchangeRate
Bank Statements DepositToAccount
Bank Statements Entity
Bank Statements LineDesc
Bank Statements LineAmount
Bank Statements Account
Bill RefNumber
Bill APAccount
Bill Vendor
Bill PrintOnCheckName
Bill TxnDate
Bill DueDate
Bill SalesTerm
Bill Location
Bill AddressLine1
Bill AddressLine2
Bill AddressLine3
Bill AddressLine4
Bill AddressCity
Bill AddressState
Bill AddressPostalCode
Bill AddressCountry
Bill PrivateNote
Bill Currency
Bill ExchangeRate
Bill ExpenseAccount
Bill ExpenseDesc
Bill ExpenseAmount
Bill ExpenseBillableStatus
Bill ExpenseBillableEntity
Bill ExpenseClass
Bill LineItem
Bill LineDesc
Bill LineQty
Bill LineUnitPrice
Bill LineAmount
Bill LineBillableStatus
Bill LineBillableEntity
Bill LineClass
Bill Payment RefNumber
Bill Payment APAccount
Bill Payment Vendor
Bill Payment TxnDate
Bill Payment Bank or CC Account
Bill Payment PrivateNote
Bill Payment Currency
Bill Payment ExchangeRate
Bill Payment ToBePrinted
Bill Payment BillApplyTo
Bill Payment LineAmount
Check RefNumber
Check BankAccount
Check Vendor
Check PrintOnCheckName
Check TxnDate
Check Location
Check AddressLine1
Check AddressLine2
Check AddressLine3
Check AddressLine4
Check AddressCity
Check AddressState
Check AddressPostalCode
Check AddressCountry
Check PrivateNote
Check ToBePrinted
Check Currency
Check ExchangeRate
Check ExpenseAccount
Check ExpenseDesc
Check ExpenseAmount
Check ExpenseBillableStatus
Check ExpenseBillableEntity
Check ExpenseClass
Check LineItem
Check LineDesc
Check LineQty
Check LineUnitPrice
Check LineAmount
Check LineBillableStatus
Check LineBillableEntity
Check LineClass
Class Name
Credit Card Charges RefNumber
Credit Card Charges CreditCard
Credit Card Charges Payee
Credit Card Charges TxnDate
Credit Card Charges Location
Credit Card Charges AddressLine1
Credit Card Charges AddressLine2
Credit Card Charges AddressLine3
Credit Card Charges AddressLine4
Credit Card Charges AddressCity
Credit Card Charges AddressState
Credit Card Charges AddressPostalCode
Credit Card Charges AddressCountry
Credit Card Charges PrivateNote
Credit Card Charges Currency
Credit Card Charges ExchangeRate
Credit Card Charges ExpenseAccount
Credit Card Charges ExpenseDesc
Credit Card Charges ExpenseAmount
Credit Card Charges ExpenseBillableStatus
Credit Card Charges ExpenseBillableEntity
Credit Card Charges ExpenseClass
Credit Card Charges LineItem
Credit Card Charges LineDesc
Credit Card Charges LineQty
Credit Card Charges LineUnitPrice
Credit Card Charges LineAmount
Credit Card Charges LineBillableStatus
Credit Card Charges LineBillableEntity
Credit Card Charges LineClass
Credit Card Credits RefNumber
Credit Card Credits CreditCard
Credit Card Credits Payee
Credit Card Credits TxnDate
Credit Card Credits Location
Credit Card Credits AddressLine1
Credit Card Credits AddressLine2
Credit Card Credits AddressLine3
Credit Card Credits AddressLine4
Credit Card Credits AddressCity
Credit Card Credits AddressState
Credit Card Credits AddressPostalCode
Credit Card Credits AddressCountry
Credit Card Credits PrivateNote
Credit Card Credits Currency
Credit Card Credits ExchangeRate
Credit Card Credits ExpenseAccount
Credit Card Credits ExpenseDesc
Credit Card Credits ExpenseAmount
Credit Card Credits ExpenseBillableStatus
Credit Card Credits ExpenseBillableEntity
Credit Card Credits ExpenseClass
Credit Card Credits LineItem
Credit Card Credits LineDesc
Credit Card Credits LineQty
Credit Card Credits LineUnitPrice
Credit Card Credits LineAmount
Credit Card Credits LineBillableStatus
Credit Card Credits LineBillableEntity
Credit Card Credits LineClass
Credit Memos RefNumber
Credit Memos Customer
Credit Memos TxnDate
Credit Memos Location
Credit Memos Class
Credit Memos BillAddrLine1
Credit Memos BillAddrLine2
Credit Memos BillAddrLine3
Credit Memos BillAddrLine4
Credit Memos BillAddrCity
Credit Memos BillAddrState
Credit Memos BillAddrPostalCode
Credit Memos BillAddrCountry
Credit Memos ShipAddrLine1
Credit Memos ShipAddrLine2
Credit Memos ShipAddrLine3
Credit Memos ShipAddrLine4
Credit Memos ShipAddrCity
Credit Memos ShipAddrState
Credit Memos ShipAddrPostalCode
Credit Memos ShipAddrCountry
Credit Memos PrivateNote
Credit Memos Msg
Credit Memos BillEmail
Credit Memos Currency
Credit Memos ExchangeRate
Credit Memos ShipAmt
Credit Memos ShipItem
Credit Memos DiscountAmt
Credit Memos DiscountRate
Credit Memos TaxAmt
Credit Memos DiscountTaxable
Credit Memos LineServiceDate
Credit Memos LineItem
Credit Memos LineDesc
Credit Memos LineQty
Credit Memos LineUnitPrice
Credit Memos LineAmount
Credit Memos LineClass
Credit Memos LineTaxable
Customers Title
Customers Company
Customers FirstName
Customers MiddleName
Customers LastName
Customers Suffix
Customers DisplayName
Customers PrintOnCheckName
Customers BillingAddressLine1
Customers BillingAddressLine2
Customers BillingAddressLine3
Customers BillingAddressLine4
Customers BillingAddressCity
Customers BillingAddressState
Customers BillingAddressPostalCode
Customers BillingAddressCountry
Customers ShippingAddressLine1
Customers ShippingAddressLine2
Customers ShippingAddressLine3
Customers ShippingAddressLine4
Customers ShippingAddressCity
Customers ShippingAddressState
Customers ShippingAddressPostalCode
Customers ShippingAddressCountry
Customers PhoneNumber
Customers MobileNumber
Customers FaxNumber
Customers OtherNumber
Customers WebSite
Customers Email
Customers CustomerType
Customers SalesTerm
Customers DefaultTaxCode
Customers TaxExemptionReason
Customers ResaleNumber
Customers PaymentMethod
Customers PreferredDeliveryMethod
Customers BillWithParent
Customers Currency
Customers Notes
Deposit RefNumber
Deposit TxnDate
Deposit PrivateNote
Deposit Currency
Deposit ExchangeRate
Deposit DepositToAccount
Deposit Location
Deposit Entity
Deposit LineDesc
Deposit LineAmount
Deposit Account
Deposit PaymentMethod
Deposit PaymentRefNumber
Deposit Class
Deposit LinkedTxnType
Deposit LinkedTxnNumber
Deposit CashBackAccount
Deposit CashBackAmount
Deposit CashBackMemo
Employees Title
Employees FirstName
Employees MiddleName
Employees LastName
Employees Suffix
Employees DisplayName
Employees PrintOnCheckName
Employees PhoneNumber
Employees MobileNumber
Employees Email
Employees EmployeeNumber
Employees SSN
Employees PrimaryAddressLine1
Employees PrimaryAddressLine2
Employees PrimaryAddressLine3
Employees PrimaryAddressLine4
Employees PrimaryAddressCity
Employees PrimaryAddressState
Employees PrimaryAddressPostalCode
Employees PrimaryAddressCountry
Employees BillableTime
Employees BillRate
Employees BirthDate
Employees Gender
Employees HiredDate
Employees ReleasedDate
Estimates RefNumber
Estimates Customer
Estimates TxnDate
Estimates ExpirationDate
Estimates Status
Estimates AcceptedBy
Estimates AcceptedDate
Estimates SalesTerm
Estimates Location
Estimates Class
Estimates BillAddrLine1
Estimates BillAddrLine2
Estimates BillAddrLine3
Estimates BillAddrLine4
Estimates BillAddrCity
Estimates BillAddrState
Estimates BillAddrPostalCode
Estimates BillAddrCountry
Estimates ShipAddrLine1
Estimates ShipAddrLine2
Estimates ShipAddrLine3
Estimates ShipAddrLine4
Estimates ShipAddrCity
Estimates ShipAddrState
Estimates ShipAddrPostalCode
Estimates ShipAddrCountry
Estimates PrivateNote
Estimates Msg
Estimates BillEmail
Estimates ToBePrinted
Estimates ToBeEmailed
Estimates Currency
Estimates ExchangeRate
Estimates ShipAmt
Estimates ShipItem
Estimates DiscountAmt
Estimates DiscountRate
Estimates TaxRate
Estimates TaxAmt
Estimates DiscountTaxable
Estimates LineServiceDate
Estimates LineItem
Estimates LineDesc
Estimates LineQty
Estimates LineUnitPrice
Estimates LineAmount
Estimates LineClass
Estimates LineTaxable
Invoices RefNumber
Invoices Customer
Invoices TxnDate
Invoices DueDate
Invoices ShipDate
Invoices ShipMethodName
Invoices TrackingNum
Invoices SalesTerm
Invoices Location
Invoices Class
Invoices BillAddrLine1
Invoices BillAddrLine2
Invoices BillAddrLine3
Invoices BillAddrLine4
Invoices BillAddrCity
Invoices BillAddrState
Invoices BillAddrPostalCode
Invoices BillAddrCountry
Invoices ShipAddrLine1
Invoices ShipAddrLine2
Invoices ShipAddrLine3
Invoices ShipAddrLine4
Invoices ShipAddrCity
Invoices ShipAddrState
Invoices ShipAddrPostalCode
Invoices ShipAddrCountry
Invoices PrivateNote
Invoices Msg
Invoices BillEmail
Invoices BillEmailCc
Invoices BillEmailBcc
Invoices Currency
Invoices ExchangeRate
Invoices Deposit
Invoices ToBePrinted
Invoices ToBeEmailed
Invoices AllowIPNPayment
Invoices AllowOnlineCreditCardPayment
Invoices AllowOnlineACHPayment
Invoices ShipAmt
Invoices ShipItem
Invoices DiscountAmt
Invoices DiscountRate
Invoices TaxRate
Invoices TaxAmt
Invoices DiscountTaxable
Invoices LineServiceDate
Invoices LineItem
Invoices LineDesc
Invoices LineQty
Invoices LineUnitPrice
Invoices LineAmount
Invoices LineClass
Invoices LineTaxable
Journal Entries RefNumber
Journal Entries TxnDate
Journal Entries PrivateNote
Journal Entries IsAdjustment
Journal Entries Currency
Journal Entries ExchangeRate
Journal Entries Account
Journal Entries LineAmount
Journal Entries LineDesc
Journal Entries Entity
Journal Entries Class
Journal Entries Location
Location Name
Products and Services Name
Products and Services Type
Products and Services UnitPrice
Products and Services SKU
Products and Services QtyOnHand
Products and Services InvStartDate
Products and Services InvAssetAccount
Products and Services SalesDescription
Products and Services Taxable
Products and Services PurchaseDescription
Products and Services PurchaseCost
Products and Services IncomeAccount
Products and Services ExpenseAccount
Purchase Orders RefNumber
Purchase Orders APAccount
Purchase Orders Vendor
Purchase Orders PrintOnCheckName
Purchase Orders TxnDate
Purchase Orders DueDate
Purchase Orders SalesTerm
Purchase Orders POStatus
Purchase Orders ShipMethodName
Purchase Orders Class
Purchase Orders AddressLine1
Purchase Orders AddressLine2
Purchase Orders AddressLine3
Purchase Orders AddressLine4
Purchase Orders AddressCity
Purchase Orders AddressState
Purchase Orders AddressPostalCode
Purchase Orders AddressCountry
Purchase Orders PrivateNote
Purchase Orders Currency
Purchase Orders ExchangeRate
Purchase Orders ExpenseAccount
Purchase Orders ExpenseDesc
Purchase Orders ExpenseAmount
Purchase Orders ExpenseBillableStatus
Purchase Orders ExpenseBillableEntity
Purchase Orders ExpenseClass
Purchase Orders LineItem
Purchase Orders LineDesc
Purchase Orders LineQty
Purchase Orders LineUnitPrice
Purchase Orders LineAmount
Purchase Orders LineBillableStatus
Purchase Orders LineBillableEntity
Purchase Orders LineClass
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) RefNumber
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) BankAccount
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) Vendor
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) PrintOnCheckName
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) TxnDate
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) Location
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) AddressLine1
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) AddressLine2
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) AddressLine3
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) AddressLine4
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) AddressCity
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) AddressState
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) AddressPostalCode
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) AddressCountry
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) PrivateNote
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) ToBePrinted
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) Currency
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) ExchangeRate
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) ExpenseAccount
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) ExpenseDesc
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) ExpenseAmount
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) ExpenseBillableStatus
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) ExpenseBillableEntity
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) ExpenseClass
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) LineItem
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) LineDesc
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) LineQty
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) LineUnitPrice
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) LineAmount
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) LineBillableStatus
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) LineBillableEntity
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) LineClass
Purchases – Cash (Expenses) Location
Receive Payments RefNumber
Receive Payments TxnDate
Receive Payments PaymentRefNumber
Receive Payments Customer
Receive Payments PaymentMethod
Receive Payments DepositToAccount
Receive Payments InvoiceApplyTo
Receive Payments LineAmount
Receive Payments PrivateNote
Receive Payments Currency
Receive Payments ExchangeRate
Refund Receipts RefNumber
Refund Receipts TxnDate
Refund Receipts Customer
Refund Receipts Location
Refund Receipts Class
Refund Receipts PaymentMethod
Refund Receipts PaymentRefNumber
Refund Receipts DepositToAccount
Refund Receipts PrivateNote
Refund Receipts Msg
Refund Receipts BillAddrLine1
Refund Receipts BillAddrLine2
Refund Receipts BillAddrLine3
Refund Receipts BillAddrLine4
Refund Receipts BillAddrCity
Refund Receipts BillAddrState
Refund Receipts BillAddrPostalCode
Refund Receipts BillAddrCountry
Refund Receipts BillEmail
Refund Receipts ToBePrinted
Refund Receipts ToBeEmailed
Refund Receipts TaxRate
Refund Receipts TaxAmt
Refund Receipts ShipAmt
Refund Receipts ShipItem
Refund Receipts DiscountAmt
Refund Receipts DiscountRate
Refund Receipts DiscountTaxable
Refund Receipts Currency
Refund Receipts ExchangeRate
Refund Receipts LineServiceDate
Refund Receipts LineItem
Refund Receipts LineDesc
Refund Receipts LineQty
Refund Receipts LineUnitPrice
Refund Receipts LineAmount
Refund Receipts LineClass
Refund Receipts LineTaxable
Sales Receipts RefNumber
Sales Receipts Customer
Sales Receipts TxnDate
Sales Receipts ShipDate
Sales Receipts ShipMethodName
Sales Receipts TrackingNum
Sales Receipts Location
Sales Receipts Class
Sales Receipts BankAccount
Sales Receipts PaymentMethod
Sales Receipts PaymentRefNumber
Sales Receipts BillAddrLine1
Sales Receipts BillAddrLine2
Sales Receipts BillAddrLine3
Sales Receipts BillAddrLine4
Sales Receipts BillAddrCity
Sales Receipts BillAddrState
Sales Receipts BillAddrPostalCode
Sales Receipts BillAddrCountry
Sales Receipts ShipAddrLine1
Sales Receipts ShipAddrLine2
Sales Receipts ShipAddrLine3
Sales Receipts ShipAddrLine4
Sales Receipts ShipAddrCity
Sales Receipts ShipAddrState
Sales Receipts ShipAddrPostalCode
Sales Receipts ShipAddrCountry
Sales Receipts PrivateNote
Sales Receipts Msg
Sales Receipts Currency
Sales Receipts ExchangeRate
Sales Receipts BillEmail
Sales Receipts ToBePrinted
Sales Receipts ToBeEmailed
Sales Receipts ShipAmt
Sales Receipts ShipItem
Sales Receipts TipAmt
Sales Receipts DiscountAmt
Sales Receipts DiscountRate
Sales Receipts TaxRate
Sales Receipts TaxAmt
Sales Receipts DiscountTaxable
Sales Receipts LineServiceDate
Sales Receipts LineItem
Sales Receipts LineDesc
Sales Receipts LineQty
Sales Receipts LineUnitPrice
Sales Receipts LineAmount
Sales Receipts LineClass
Sales Receipts LineTaxable
Time Activities TxnDate
Time Activities Name
Time Activities Time
Time Activities StartTime
Time Activities EndTime
Time Activities Description
Time Activities BillableStatus
Time Activities Customer
Time Activities ServiceItem
Time Activities HourlyRate
Time Activities Taxable
Time Activities Class
Time Activities Location
Transfers TxnDate
Transfers PrivateNote
Transfers ToAccount
Transfers FromAccount
Transfers Amount


Download importing template for Transaction Pro Importer: