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Importing PDF Bank Statement (or CSV files) into QuickBooks

Updated 02/13/2015 If you have PDF Bank Statements and you do not want it enter all that information manually into QuickBooks, there is a very neat solution out there called 2qbo Convert Pro.

First, it important to define that this works in ALL Versions of QuickBooks, wether is in Windows, Mac, or Online.  Second, that you have a working knowledge of how Bank Feeds or Online Banking works. Then, you must have an original digital PDF file generated from the Bank (scanned versions WILL NOT WORK). And third, it has been tested with most mahor US Banks, but not EVERY bank in the World. So now that we identified that, let me demonstrate the process. First step it to launch the 2qbo Convert Pro, which looks like this:

Then you click on Convert, and choose the PDF File you want to convert (note that if you have a CSV File with the transactions, it will work as well, instructions here),  and click on Preview:

The Preview Screen will show you in grid format the data that is being converted from PDF:

Next Step, is to click on Set QuickBooks Account Info, and this is where you will will fill in important information like Statement Type (Credit Card or Bank), Bank FID (Financial Institution), Routing Number, Account Number, etc.. All this information is crucial for QuickBooks to know which account to assign this to at your Chart of Accounts:

And the last step is to click OK, and then Convert to QBO which will create a file with the same file name but the .QBO extension which now can be imported into any version of QuickBooks using “Online Banking” or “Bank Feeds”

The last screen will give you confirmation that the .QBO file was saved. This program does wonders and for $249 is not a bad deal at all… There is a Free Trial, so check it out


Hector Garcia, CPA
QuickBooks Data Import Expert

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Hector,
    The link to the the free trial is not working. Could you please forward the link? I would really like to try this software. Do you have experience using it?

    Thank you,
    Carol Small

  2. do we get discount if we buy through you? is it one off payment or yearly subscription?

    does it work in Canada?



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