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Invest in Yourself: ROI for Employee Training (QuickBooks)

Why should you learn Quickbooks? There are many reasons, but one that makes tremendous business sense is to improve your skillset, and enhance your candidacy in this tough job market. It’s well documented that Training has a positive return on investment (ROI).

First, let’s understand the relevance of learning Quickbooks. Quickbooks is used by 94% of retail small businesses. That’s a huge market share. This means that skills in Quickbooks are very transferable to different jobs. It would be wise to have the skills to use this almost universal software package because you can apply them at different companies throughout your career.

Now we know how critical, and useful it is to learn Quickbooks, but what exactly does an employer get out of an employee who receives training?

People are any businesses most important asset. As such, employees with training and enhanced skills are even more valuable to employers. There are many benefits to training, including:

  • Improved employee performance
  • Enhanced company profits
  • Improves a company’s competitive edge
  • Increases worker productivity
  • Improves customer satisfaction

It’s also been noted by the American Productivity & Quality Center that employees receiving training by leveraging e-learning incur significantly lower costs compared to training without leveraging technology. It’s hard to overstate how beneficial training is. In fact, “just a 2-percent increase in productivity has been shown to net a 100 percent return on investment in training,” according to the 2001 Global Training and Certification Study.

So if you want to gain skills, and improve yourself along the way, remember the following advice. In a down economy there is also something you can invest in: Yourself.



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Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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