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List of 3rd Party tools to import and export Excel to/from QuickBooks

 Last updated 01/29/2018

Big Red Consulting IIF Transaction Creator $99.00 TBD Creates any IIF File from an Excel Spreadsheet
Big Red Consulting Transaction Copier $99.00 link  Copies virtually any transaction from one file to another one via Excel and IIF importing.
Big Red Consulting QIF to IIF Converter $89.00 TBD Use the IIF Transaction Creator to create IIF files with various transaction types, ready for import into your file.  The IIF Creator automatically adds new lists items, if needed, to import the transactions you’ve specified in Excel. Because it creates IIF files, you can create the files on one machine and import them on another machine.
Big Red Consulting Excel to OFX Converter $59.00 Link Can Create custom .QBO Files that allows the user to import data from excel using Online Banking / Bank Feeds.
Big Red Consulting PositivePay file Creator $89.00 TBD Creates NACHA compatible files for most mayor banks in the US.   Perfect for uploading daily checks from quickbooks into treasury management systems for Positive Pay Services.
Big Red Consulting QIF to OFX Converter $59.00 Link Convert from QIF (Quicken Bank Downloads) and create custom .QBO Files that allows the user to import data from excel using Online Banking / Bank Feeds.
Big Red Consulting List Importer $49.00 TBD to be added..
Big Red Consulting XL Timesheet Link $59.00 TBD to be added..
Big Red Consulting OFX Cleaner $49.00 TBD to be added..
Baystate Cosulting Transaction Pro Import $199.00 Link One of the most popular tools for importing data into QuickBooks Desktop
Baystate Cosulting Transaction Pro Exporter $149.00 TBD to be added..
Baystate Cosulting Transaction Pro Deleter $129.00 Compare Deletes Transactions in QuickBooks by Transaction Type and Date
Karl Irving, CPA Data Remover $59 Compare Removes Data from QB using multiple filters and Criteria
Karl Irving, CPA Data Transfer Utility $169.00 Link Transfers almost any type data from one QuickBooks File to Another
Karl Irving, CPA Check Transfer Utility $99.00 TBD Transfers Payroll Check data drom one QB file to Another
Karl Irving, CPA Freight Allocator Tool $99 Link Adds Landed cost (external costs like freight, insurance, customs, etc…) to each item in order to get the correct profit margin when the inventory items are sold
Zed Systems Zed Axis Importer & Exporter $285.00 Review 11.0 Comprehensive Exporting and Importing tool that can virtually extract any data from QB and put it back in after it has been edited in excel
MoneyThumb 2qbo Convert Pro+ (PDF to QBO Converter) $299.00 Link Convert Downloaded Bank Statements into .QBO File.  Also has PDF2CSV and CSV2QBO tools
ProperSoft CSV2IIF, CSV2QBO,multiple convertors.. $57.00 CSV2QBO
Comprehensive list of standalone converters for QBO, CSV, IIF, Excel, OFX, QFX, QBX, and others.
Personable Software ScanWriter QuickBooks Edition $1500 TBD Scans Bank Statements and other documents, and then import the data into QuickBooks
Personable Software ScanWriter Excel Edition $1500 TDB You can bring statement data into excel, then use another tool such as OFX Converter to bring data into QuickBooks.  Or you can use Batch Enter to import the data
InformationActive QB2Excel FREE Link Very easy Raw data exporter from QuickBooks into Excel.  The fastest utility of its kind.  Great for building Pivot Tables in Excel.
InformationActive ActiveData for Excel $129 Link This is actually not a QuickBooks 3rd Party App, it is strictly an Excel Add-in, but it is a great companion to QB2Excel (free tool) to extract data from QuickBooks into excel and perform great analysis and audit reviews.
Clearify QQube $425 Link Comprehensive external reporting in Excel via Pivot Tables with this Data Warehousing tool


I have personally tested some of these programs, and as I use them more and more, I will be adding my 2 cents in the review page of each one, please keep checking back with us as we should be adding or reviewing new applications every month.

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Hector Garcia

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