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My QuickBooks Online wishlist

I love QuickBooks Online (QBO), and have many clients that prefer the cloud-based platform over QuickBooks Desktop; but there are many important features that are lacking (or I just wish we had):

  • Payroll Job Costing
  • Ability to partially receive purchase orders: right now, you can only fully receive PO’s or not.
  • Sales Orders: we need to be able to backorder sales for inventory.  Also a sales order fulfillment worksheet as well, to manage open SO’s
  • B2B Portal: the ability for customers to input their own Sales Orders (or order requests) and see their account status.  Ability for vendors to input bills (or bill requests). QBO 2 QBO users should be able to perform more commerce via QuickBooks directly
  • Progress Invoicing
  • Item Groups
  • Inventory Assemblies
  • Reorder Points for Items
  • Customer Types, Job Types, and Job Status
  • Vendor Types
  • Price Levels: more than one price per item
  • Change Item Pricing in bulk
  • Editable Bank Rules that were creating by QBO automatically
  • Item-Level custom fields


Tools for Accountants:

  • Batch Enter Transactions
  • Batch Delete Transactons
  • Fixed Asset Manager / Depreciation Module
  • Pivot Table style custom reporting (with access to all fields inside a transaction)
  • Combine reports from more than one QBO file
Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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