How to setup a NEW QuickBooks Online Account with Payroll (with our special 30% discount)


1. Go to:


2. Click on “Try it free” to go to the options.


3. Select the version of QuickBooks Online that best fits your business needs


4. Add your email address


5. Add your Cell Phone number


6. Create a password


7. Click on “Sing up with email”


8. Add your 6-digit code if sent via text


9. NOTE: If you can’t login because an Intuit userid/password all ready exists, use the “Sign In” link to use existing credentials or reset password


10. Click on “Continue with trial”


11. Enter your company name:


12. Search for your industry type or skip if you want


13. Answer all the setup questions and enter “Next” or “skip for now” if you do not know the answers


14. Clicked on Payroll on the left hand side, then it will open in the “Payroll Overview” page


15. After you clicked on Payroll on the left hand side, go to “Get Started”



16. Choose the right version of payroll for your business. And answer all the setup questions


17. Add your first employee


18. Enter your first employees detailed payroll info


19. Click on done when completed



After you setup the account, you should see at least a 30% discount reflected in your account for 6 months, if you do not, email me at