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Updated 02/22/2021

QuickBooks Online Plus has the following features which tend to be useful for contractors:

  • Job Costing of Bills, Checks/Expenses, and Credit card Charges by Job, Class, Location
  • Basic Progress Invoicing
  • Budgets by Project (which could be used to compare Estimates vs. Actuals)
  • Profit and Loss by Customer:Project
  • Custom fields in invoice headers (for reps and other custom data tracking for jobs, but not available in summary reports)
  • Timesheet data can pass through the Projects section as a “labor” – but does not get posted into P&L*


But, it does NOT have these features that QuickBooks Desktop has:

  • *Payroll-Level Job Costing with overhead allocations – Although QB Payroll will allow labor to be posted to the P&L and/or Project (limited capability) –  see video
  • Worker’s Comp Burden into Payroll and Certified Payroll Reports
  • True Progress Invoicing
  • Estimates vs. Actual Detail and Job Profitability Detail reports
  • Job status, Job Type, Job Start/End Tracking
  • Vendor Type (to group vendors in logical categories for reports)
  • Estimate Cost and Markup Tracking
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Tracking Reps and Custom fields in expenses
  • WIP and Committed Cost Reports (Enterprise Only)
  • Custom Summary Reports
  • Sales Orders (to manage Internal work-orders)
  • Sales Rep Reports
  • Timesheet tracking for vendor bills
  • Forecasting and Cashflow projections
  • Billing Rate Levels
  • Specialty Reports, such as: Open PO by Job Report, Custom Summary Reports
  • Group Items (with ability to hide Items)
  • Change Order Tracking
  • Project Status Report (a list of all active Projects, Status, Percentage completed/Invoiced, etc)


And for that reason, I almost never recommend QuickBooks Online for Contractors and Project-Based Businesses.  There are two 3rd party apps that seem promising such as: BuilderTrend And Knowify; but it will require the combination of QBO + the app to be able to get close to what QuickBooks Desktop can do…


Here is an article on QuickBooks Desktop Contractor features that we train our clients on…


Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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