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QuickBooks 2014 New Features

Intuit has not yet announced an official release date for QuickBooks 2014 Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Editions.  However, QuickBooks 2014 Accountant Edition has been released.

Updated 09/17/2013

In all Windows Versions of QuickBooks 2014 (Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise):

  • Bank Feeds (previously known as Side-by-Side Online Banking): this is the most notable new feature, Online Banking has been completely reworked, now you can enter class and customer:job within the same line of a bank debit transaction.  And Renaming Rules have been vastly improved where the user can now create two types of rules:  Rename the vendor and/or assign an account.
  • Income Tracker: its a great new visual dashboard based on income transactions such as estimates and invoices that organizes and groups these transactions in ways very useful to the user.  Also, a very fast way to print ALL outstanding invoices.  Replacing the Collections Center
  • Copy and Paste lines in an estimate, sales order, invoice, or sales order.  Allows for a bit faster data entry if you use common items
  • Contextual Reports, does not add new functionality per se, but add quicker access to commonly used reports right from within a transaction that is related.  For example, while looking at an invoice, there are quick access links to “View Open Invoice” and “Sales Detail by Customer” reports
  • Default color changed from black to deep dark blue, its easier to read and had a bit more sophisticated look
  • Customizable View Balances tab on the left sidebar, now you can choose which accounts you want to see there and which to hide
  • Search Auto Suggestions, improved search functionality to help you autofill the rest of the word you are looking for.  Gives you a bit of that Google search feel
  • Sent Email improvements, now QuickBooks keeps track of all emails send to clients within QuickBooks.  Also you can e-mail a payment receipt!  Let your client’s know you received the payment
  • Revamped Email interface, great for users of gmail or other web-mail providers, gives you more functionality in the email’s formatting.  Most importantly, you can now send your attached documents as attachments to an invoice for example.
  • Job Status filter, you can finally filter reports based on Job Status… no longer a partially pointless feature
  • Sales Reps are now on Jobs as well.  Before you could assign a sales rep to a Customer, but not to a Job… so this has been solved
  • Bill Payment stubs now include credits used to pay down a bill., previous to this, it was all guesswork if a Bill Credit was used to pay off an open bill.
  • Find option with filter has been added to the Add/Edit Multiple list which makes it easier to work in long lists
  • Print Report to # of Pages high, before you could only limit number of pages wide to print
  • Enhanced Payroll Center, now functions such as pay liability or printing tax forms are more user friendly and easier to find.
  • New Bounced Check Feature to help you track customer’s bounced payment correctly and even add the bank fee back to an invoice.
  • Copy/Paste Line items on transactions


Only in QuickBooks Enterprise 2014:

  • Advanced Pricing: by far the biggest of the new features.  With the ability to setup complex pricing structures based on volumes and date ranges.  And a combination of variables.  This is different of Price Levels, and replaces this feature if used.  Unfortunately, its an additional cost of $399 per year and requires a Full Service Plan. Charlie Russel has a great article in this feature.
  • Inventory Max Stock Levels in addition to minimum levels from Reorder Point feature
  • Margin $ or % in addtion to Markup
  • Inventory Center updates, shows inventory max stock levels, margin, and quickly edit Inventory item info from Inventory Center’s top Pane
  • Build Nested Assemblies, very useful for manufacturers
  • Inventory Assembly added to Add/Edit Multiple Items feature
  • New Reports: Job Work In Progress (WIP) Summary & Committed Costs by Job added for Enterprise Contractor Edition
  • Sales Reps and Custom Fields can now be used in Bills and in Checks


Only in QuickBooks Accountant and Enterprise Accountant versions of 2014:

  • Client Collaborator – a two-way messaging system to ask clients questions and keep answers within the QuickBooks transaction.  Only on the ProAdvisor or PLUS versions of QBA 2014.
  • Batch Enter Transactions added Bills/Bill Credits and Invoices/Credits
  • Reclassify Source of transaction in the Reclassify Transaction Feature


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