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QuickBooks 2015 Report Enhancements

There are several improvements to reporting functions in QuickBooks for the 2015 version. These are very welcome enhancements. Much time and effort goes into entering business transactions into QuickBooks, anything that makes getting that data out in easy, useable ways is significant.

First, the appearance.


A close look at the screenshot of the Profit and Loss report will reveal several rows with background shading. One problem with reading long reports with lots of rows is being sure the columns (account name and amount in this case), are lining up. In other words, are we looking straight across at the amount for the account we think we are examining?

The banding really helps that as it gives our eye another reference point to help make sure we are looking straight across.

Reports can now have Comments. This is a big enhancement.

By clicking on the Comment on Report button, a second version of the report opens. Note the second header, Comment on Report: Profit and Loss.

Note also the small comment boxes to the right of each line. Clicking on this icons allows a comment to be inserted into the report.

Note the save button in the upper left-hand corner. This allows a copy of the report with comments to be saved. Otherwise, the comments would be lost.

Once the report is saved, it is available on a special menu, Reports->Commented Reports. The process is much like memorizing a custom report.

The printed comments report looks like this:

The comments print on a separate page.

It is now possible to email several reports at once.

When creating custom reports, it is now possible to find the desired filter by using a search field.

Before one had to scroll down the lengthy list in order to find the filter they wanted.

On some reports it is now possible to filter for active names or inactive names. That is new.

Preferred Delivery method and Preferred Vendor have been added as columns on certain reports.

Hector Garcia, CPA
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Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia is a CPA and QuickBooks Consultant.

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