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QuickBooks Company Snapshot

Reporting business information in a graphical format is a popular alternative to multi-page reports filled with numbers. Charts and graphs create a fast and easy way to get a handle on key indicators in the business without spending lots of time wading through thick printouts.

QuickBooks has tried to keep up with that trend. A few years ago, the Company Snapshot was introduced.

Company Snapshot attempts to key in on important data that a busy owner or manager would find valuable. It tries to convey that data in a manner that is easy to read and quick to absorb. At the same time, all the detail available with the click of the mouse.

As an example, let’s look closer at the above set of charts for the sample company, Rock Castle Construction. Let’s choose the graph in the lower middle position. Top Customers by Sales.

Most of the individual charts have a dropdown date field in the upper right part of the window. By default, most of these are set to year-to-date. There are a number of other choices. This month, last month, quarter, and many more.

Above the date field are two symbols. Of course, you recognize the close symbol. This will remove this one chart from the Company Snapshot page. It can always be restored if desired.

The small triangle symbol gives the options to print, preview, or to save the graph as an image.

The chart, of course, displays sales by customer. The largest customer by sales dollars, is Brian Cook. A double-click on the blue line graphing Brian’s sales pulls up a sales by customer detail report.

Just like any other QuickBooks report, it is possible to drill down to the individual transactions if detail information about this customer’s purchases is desired.

The Add Content link in the upper left portion of the Company Snapshot allows the page to be customized. Up to twelve different charts can be added to this page.

You can see from the button which charts remain to be added if desired and which have already been placed on the page.

There are three tabs to the Company Snapshot window. We’ve been looking at the Company tab.

The Payments tab focuses on the payments coming into the business. What customer balances remain? When are they due? How many of last month’s open invoices were paid?

The Customer tab takes a deeper look at individual customers.

An individual customer is selected. Then, the charts on this page give detailed information about that customer.

What is Kristy’s sales history? What items does she usually buy?

By using the Company Snapshot, this kind of data can be absorbed quickly and easily in an easy to read format.

Hector Garcia, CPA
Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor
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Davie, FL 33330

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia is a CPA and QuickBooks Consultant.

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