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QuickBooks Desktop: Batching and Automation

The following is a list of features that QuickBooks Desktop has related to “Batching”:

Most Commonly Used:

  • Batch Invoices
  • Create Invoices from Billable Time and Expenses
  • E-mail forms in batch, marked “To Email”
  • Print forms in batch, marked “To Print”
  • Batch Print and/or E-mail from Income Tracker
  • Batch Mark Estimates Inactive from Income Tracker
  • Add/Edit Lists in Batch: Customer, Vendors, or Items
  • Change OTHER NAME to vendors in batch
  • Create mail-merge letters to Customers
  • Batch create new Bank Accounts with beginning balances
  • Assess Finance Charges
  • Create Statements in Batch (Print or Email)

Item and Inventory Related:

  • Auto PO (QB Enterprise only): creates Purchase Orders to preferred vendors based on reorder points
  • Where Used (QB Enterprise only): replaces component in multiple inventory assemblies in batch
  • Print Pick Lists or Packing Lists in Batch from Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet
  • Close P.O’s in batch from Bill Tracker
  • Set Reorder Points in Batch
  • Change Prices in Batch

For Accountants:

  • Batch Enter Transactions
  • Batch Reclassify Split Account and/or Class
  • Batch Write-Off Invoices
  • Batch Delete or Void Invoices, Check,
  • Process Multiple Reports, print or e-mail in batch


Related to Automation, there are 2 major features:

  • Scheduled Reports (New for 2017)
  • Memorized Transactions

Finally, through a combination of tasks , there are some aditional Tricks of the Trade:

  • Batch change list name or item information in Excel through IIF Export and Import
  • Batch batch edit Account Numbers in Excel through IIF Export and Import
  • Batch Adjust negative inventory QOH to zero in Excel through IIF Export and Import
  • Convert multiple Customers to Jobs or multiple Jobs to Customer
  • Change pre-fill expense account for vendors though Excel


Register for the upcoming QB Power Hour Webinar on 12/01/2016 12:00pm EST all about “QuickBooks Batching & Automation” where we will cover some of the topics mentioned here:



If you want a taste of what the webinar will be about, this video provides one of those techniques: “Changing Default Vendor’s Expense Account”

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Hector Garcia

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