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QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online 50-point Checklist

We have a 50-point checklist designed to give you the BEST QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online conversion experience!  In this video, Hector briefly explains the conversion process (AFTER determining that is a good idea to convert to Online and the QB Desktop file is prepped for conversion):


Items to Review in QuickBooks Desktop PRIOR to QBO conversion (in the spirit of making sure you do not upload any garbage into QBO):

  1. Where is the database file currently located? is there a server? How many computers are accessing them at the moment? are there any remote access users? is there an external accountant working on the file? Is there an accountant’s copy out? does the Data Verify function work?
  2. What is the File Size, Number of Targets? Is it necessary to do a condense?
  3. Are there multiple users? What are their limited access restrictions?
  4. How often are backups being done? Can you tell if a past scenario where you had to restore a backup file and what happened?
  5. Is multi-currency turned on? Are there multiple accounts with balances with foreign currency? Any vendors or customers with foreign currency with balances?
  6. Is payroll activated in the QuickBooks File? Is it Manual, Enhanced, or Assisted?
  7. If there is outside payroll, how is it being entered, by hand? Or imported?
  8. Is QB Payments enabled with this QuickBooks File? Are there any recurring payments setup in the Intuit merchant center? Is there CC data stored in the Customer:jobs?
  9. Is there a 3rd party app connected to QuickBooks via SDK or Web Connector? Are there IIF files being imported?
  10. Are all banks, CC, and loan accounts reconciled? And up to when? Are there any transactions in the reconciliation discrepancy report?
  11. Are there uncleared transactions older than 90 days from last reconciliation?
  12. Does the Balance Sheet tie to the las tax return or audited financial statements?
  13. Are books closed with a password? Are there any transactions in the Closed Exception Report?
  14. Are there old transactions (90 days or more) in the Undeposited Funds Account?
  15. Is there open A/R older than 1 year? Are there any unapplied Customer Payments or credit balances on transactions affecting A/R? Are they using multiple A/R Accounts?
  16. Is there open A/P older than 1 year?Are there any unapplied Bill Payments or Debit balances on transactions affecting A/P? Are they using multiple A/{ Accounts?
  17. Are sales orders being used? and how?
  18. Are there open Partial Purchase Orders?
  19. Are there any open Item receipts?
  20. Are non-inventory items setup as “double-sided items”?
  21. Is there Inventory? Do they use Inventory Assemblies? Is there any Inventory Items with a QOH inactive?
  22. Are there any inventory parts with NEGATIVE balances?
  23. Does the Inventory Valuation Report match the Inventory Asset in the Balance Sheet?
  24. Do all Inventory Items map to the Inventory Asset Account?
  25. Are there separate equity/distribution accounts per partner/owner?
  26. Are the other Asset and Liability accounts correct?
  27. Does the Sales Tax Liability tie to the consequent payment?
  28. Does the Payroll Tax Liability tie to the consequent payments?
  29. Are there redundant P&L Accounts?
  30. Is there an opportunity to do mayor re-design of the P&L chart of accounts? (there is a 250 account limit in QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus – no limit on Advanced)
  31. Does the COGS and Gross Margin % makes sense?
  32. Are there multiple Sales Tax Items?
  33. Are there any transactions without Payee’s?
  34. Are they using Other Names? if so how many
  35. Are Bank Feeds connected? Are they using Bill Payment Direct Deposit?
  36. Are the Estimates/Sales Orders/Invoices/Purchase Order templates customized in a way that QBO won’t support? Are they using the Customer Message List? Ship Via List? Are they using the Delivery Date / Ship Date fields?
  37. Are Sales Reps being used?
  38. What custom fields are being used?
  39. Are there customized/memorized reports needed by management?
  40. Is Customer Type, Job Type, Job Status, and Vendor Type being used?
  41. Are Price Levels being used?
  42. Are Budgets setup?
  43. Are multiple shipping addresses being used?
  44. Are tasks and notes being used?
  45. Are document attachments being used?
  46. Is the Finance Charge feature being used?
  47. Are grouped items being used? Grouped sales tax?
  48. Is progress Invoicing and Estimates vs. Actual Reports being used?
  49. Are there recurring/memorized transactions
  50. Are fixed asset items being used?



We can offer a service that will include the following for $750:

  • Review the QuickBooks Desktop File using this checklist, and giving you a list of items/features you will lose in the process of conversion
  • Determining if QBO is right for you, and recommending QuickBooks Essentials or Plus
  • Creating new QBO Company File
  • Making Journal Entry to tie balance sheet post conversion at two periods: 1) for the last tax return and 2) for up to conversion date
  • 15-minute overview on using QuickBooks Online post conversion to go over QBO settings and setup basic customization of forms, adding logo
  • Provide a price quote for training/customization* of QuickBooks Online beyond conversion
  • Provide a customized price quote for monthly bookkeeping services with QuickBooks Online to collaborate with you


*What is NOT included with the Review/Assessment, would need a separated bookkeeping/training session to show you how to do it:

  • Condensing the file: files with more than 350K targets will not convert to QuickBooks Online!
  • Data Entry
  • Journal Entries or Adjustments
  • Reconciling Bank Accounts
  • Cleaning up reconciliation discrepancies
  • Making Inventory Adjustments
  • Cleaning up item lists
  • Cleaning up chart of accounts
  • Cleaning up the Customer List
  • Cleaning up the Vendor/Other names List
  • Setting up budgets
  • Any training or answering, “how do I…” questions
  • Setting up multi-currency
  • Setting up items/groups
  • Customizing Reports
  • Setting up Bank Feeds, downloading transactions beyond 90 days, and/or excluding extra downloaded transactions


Other References:


QuickBooks Desktop to Online Checklist in PDF

And checklist.xlsx


Watch the video presentation on this topic:

And get the slides: QB Power Hour – 020118


Call us to setup an appointment: 954-414-1524 or email:

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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