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QuickBooks Enterprise: Manage user permisions

This works with ALL versions of QuickBooks Enterprise:

FYI, some of this information from straight from the Intuit website or the Enterprise Solutions White Paper.

User Permissions and Predetermined Roles

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions’ advanced permissions enable users to apply more enhanced user controls to activities within all areas of QuickBooks by assigning distinct user access levels including view-only, create, modify, delete, and print. Enterprise Solutions enables user controls on over 115 individual activities, compared to 10 broad-area activities in QuickBooks Premier. You can also restrict access to specific lists and report groups based
on user roles. This use of roles (along with the 13 pre-defined roles) makes it more efficient to set up and maintain controls, especially when there are a large number of users. Users can be assigned multiple roles, and individual roles can be assigned to multiple users. This increased flexibility of control gives the  Admin the flexibility to customize access levels for each user. Additionally, Enterprise Solutions offers the following capabilities:

  • Activities such as setting company preferences can be assigned to other users while still limiting administrative control over accounting activities, such as closing the books, to the Admin (e.g. the accountant).
  • A view permissions report is available to see the roles that individual users are assigned to, and what permissions each role has.
  • Payroll holes have been closed – so even if a user has access to a check register, the payroll data will be obfuscated unless the user also has access to payroll. Additionally, if a user does not have access to payroll, the user can be prevented from accessing the payroll and compensation information in the Employee Center.
  • Permissions can be set to limit user access to specific bank accounts.
  • All existing Pro and Premier user permissions can be migrated to Enterprise Solutions, where  they can be further customized to suit the needs of the business.

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Administering/Managing Roles

Controls can be viewed and modified by user and role. You can copy designated user or role permissions and assign them to a new user or role by clicking the “Duplicate” button. This allows users to quickly and easily add new users and roles based on the permissions they are accustomed to and make just the modifications they need to fill their business needs.

Determining User Control Levels

Easily generate reports of permissions to get a bird’s eye view of existing controls by user or role. Simply select the type of view and the roles or users you want to see, and an easy-to-read report is created for you.

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Predefined roles include:
• Accounting
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Banking
• Finance
• Full Access
• Inventory
• Payroll Manager
• Payroll Processor
• Purchasing
• Sales
• Time Tracking
• View-only

The controls are flexible and easy to customize:

  • Multiple roles can be assigned to a single user.
  • A single role can be assigned to multiple users.
  • Roles can be created from scratch.
  • User roles can be copied and customized to fit the needs of the business. Modifying controls with a user-roles model is easier especially if your clients have multiple users assigned to a single role. Clients no longer have to change controls for each user. Just change the permissions to the role and the user(s) controls will be updated automatically.

This level of user control functionality is generally the number 1 reason people elect to go with Enterprise over Pro/Premier versions, because of the power and versatility of this function.

More details about Custom User Roles


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