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QuickBooks Exam – Take FREE QuickBooks test online and test your skills

First of all I would like to summarize the types of quickbooks tests and certifications available out there for quickbooks users and bookkeepers to test their skills and/or gain professional recognition:

  1. Certified QuickBooks Proadvisor: this is the official quickbooks consultant membership, designed to have the user take a QuickBooks test every year and Intuit will certify you as a “PROADVISOR”.  Additionally, there are multiple exams within the Proadvisor certification, such as: Advanced Proadvisor, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Online, etc…  Additionally, your profile will be loaded in their website for public domain.
    The cost of this is usually $600 per year to maintain the certification.  Visit:
  2. QuickBooks Certified User:  this is the oficial exam Intuit (Maker of QuickBooks) recognizes as a certified user.  Validation is available to be printed off the web by a future employer that has a copy of your certificate.  This is a one time cost of $150 and you will received a certification of that version year. Visit:
  3. Certificate of completion or other certificates from community colleges and private training institutions: there are non-oficial and are usually NOT recognized at a national level.  It’s typically accompanies by a Live course costing $300-$600 depending on level of depth.


Lastly, I would like to provide a FREE option, right here on our website, take this FREE QUICKBOOKS QUIZ to asses your current skill level.  Usually new/basic users that know some accounting will get 30% to 60% score.  Intermediate and lighly experienced users will get 61% to 80% on the Quiz.  Advanced Users with Accounting experience will get over 80% score on this Quiz.



Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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