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QuickBooks Online features that are not in QuickBooks Desktop

A lot of people prefer using QuickBooks Online over the desktop version, and for all the right reasons. There are several unique features in the online version of QuickBooks that make it extremely easy and convenient to use, but capable of delivering a much better performance in some regards.

Here is a review of some QuickBooks features that are either found in the online version or perform better online than on the desktop version.

Sales Receipt and Invoice Automation

The online QuickBooks version allows you to set up an emailing system that would automatically send invoices through email to your customers. This way, you can set up invoices for all your regular clients automatically and make the entire process fast and convenient.

Delayed Customer Billing

In the online version, you can handle delayed billing automatically instead of creating invoices manually. You can assign a time activity to the invoicing system based on monthly, weekly, daily or yearly basis and trust your QuickBooks to remember the procedure for all similar transactions taking place in future. This way, you can create invoices keeping in mind the delayed payment obligations.

Activity Log

Another important feature that QuickBooks Online has to offer is the Audit Trail. The feature creates a complete activity log on QuickBooks, informing you of when the transactions were created, edited, modified or deleted. This way, all users can be held accountable for the changes they make to particular transactions. You can also keep track of user activities through this version since it tracks user log ins, log outs and the edits they make to any account information. This is definitely the best tool to keep a track of employees who have access to financial matters.

Automated Email Reporting

If you need to set up particular reports to your clients on a regular basis, you can get the online QuickBooks version to memorize these reports and then you can set them to be sent automatically to via email. This way, you can keep in touch with your clients and provide them with excellent services without having to log in to your QuickBooks account.


There are several other features that are handled by QuickBooks Online in a much better way, including download of bank transactions, class and location tracking and the AR/AP entries in the journal. So, if any of these features are important for you or your business, the QuickBooks Online version is a better choice for you as compared to QuickBooks Desktop.

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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