QuickBooks Reports Exported to Excel (plus Pivot Tables)


In this video we show to you how to export reports to excel (plus pivot tables) in QuickBooks


Table of contents:

  • 00:00:27 – Reports (company & financial, profit & loss standard, balance sheet standard)
  • 00:00:40 – Customize report (modify report, advanced options)
  • 00:01:04 – Excel tab (create new worksheet) (send report to excel)
  • 00:01:15 – Excel spreadsheet (balance sheet)
  • 00:01:41 – QuickBooks Desktop (customize report, advanced, collapse button) (excel tab, create new worksheet, send report to excel, in existing workbook, export)
  • 00:02:33 – Excel spreadsheet (profit & loss)
  • 00:02:53 – Analysis (create new sheet) (ratios) (example, return on fixed assets, marketing expense / sales) (total net income / total fixed asset, formula %) (marketing expense / total income, formula)
  • 00:04:33 – Change periods inside of QuickBooks
  • 00:04:47 – Excel tab (update existing worksheet) (select profit & loss) (update existing worksheet) (select balance sheet)
  • 00:05:52 – Excel file (check ratios spreadsheet)
  • 00:06:35 – Example (click on total income, create a report that contains all of the detail income data that exists in the QuickBooks file and export it to excel) (pivot table) (send report to excel, select create a comma separated values (.csv) file, export)
  • 00:07:40 – Open CSV file (sales detail) (clean up columns)
  • 00:08:23 – How to create a pivot table (excel, insert, pivot table) (step by step) (examples)
  • 00:11:28 – How to create a graph in Excel file (step by step) (example)
Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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