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Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter for QuickBooks Online

We have been using an app called “Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter” by SaasAnt for a few months now and we are very impressed with the capabilities. In a nutshell, this app performs 4 key functions that a lot of Accountants and Bookkeepers (even small business owners will find it incredibly useful) deseperatrly need for QuickBooks Online:

  • Importing Transactions into Quickbooks Online from an Excel or CSV file
  • Exporting Transactions (with line-item details) from QuickBooks Online into an Excel file
  • Deleting Transactions inside QuickBooks Online in batch
  • Modify Existing Transactions inside Quickbooks Online in batch

Unfortunately, Intuit did not create any of this tools built-in within the QBO functionality, so we need a 3rd party app fo this.  Before I show you how the app works, let me mention the pricing really quick… So you can buy it for $9.99/month for 1 QuickBooks Online company file or $30/month for up to 30 QuickBooks Online Company files; and either option allows up to separate 15 users to access the app (if you happen to have multiple people in your team.

So how does it work?  Ok, lets start with the premise that you use QuickBooks Online and your sales are reported through another system (lets say an e-commerce website) that contain the details if each sale, such as: customer name, address, items being sold, etc.  And this e-commerce website does NOT integrate with QuickBooks Online; Therefore, instead of hand-keying invoices that are already in a spreadsheet like this:


So, first we go to our QuickBooks Online Account, we click on APPS, search “Saasant” and pick: “Excel Transaction Importer and Deleter”:


Then, you are going to click on “Get App Now”, and you will connect your QuickBooks Online to the new app’s 30-day free trial:


After your app is connected, you can go back to the My Apps section, and launch the app:


Next step is to upload your spreadsheet by clicking on BROWSE and selecting your spreadsheet in your computer:

After the spreadsheet is uploaded, it will ask you for the type of transaction you would like to upload:

And we will select Invoice for this particular example.. The next page is a little tricky, because it is about “mapping”, which means that you must tell SaasAnt how to translate the data in the spreadsheet to the data in QuickBooks:

Remember that not all the fields in your spreadsheet will necessarily match a QuickBooks field; but you must make sure that certain elements are included, such as: Customer Name, Invoice Date, Item(s) being sold, and amount…  After you click “Import to QuickBooks”, the app will help you resolve any conflicts between the data and wether or not it may be imported into QuickBooks.

If the import is successful, you can click on SHOW RESULTS and you will get the list of all transactions that were imported:


At this point, you may click on any of the transactions (or go into Quickbooks Online) and preview any of the transactions that were imported inside QuickBooks Online:


Depending in the type of transactions, number of transactions, and/or number of line items inside the transactions, this app could save you HOURS of work when it comes to importing data.  With this app you can import any of these transactions types:

  • Invoice
  • Received Payments
  • Estimates
  • Credit Memos
  • Sales Receipts
  • Refund Receipts
  • Expenses (useful for Credit Card Charges)
  • Checks
  • Bills
  • Bill Payments
  • Purchase Orders
  • Vendor Credits
  • Credit Card Credits
  • Time Activities
  • Journal Entries
  • Bank Deposits
  • Transfers
  • Bank Statement (This is Deposits and Expenses in one spreadsheet)

Unfortunately, as of the date of this article, Credit Card Statements cannot be imported… but I am sure that in in the pipeline; but the tools allow you to import the credit card charges and the credit card credits as two separate imports, so it is easy to circumvent, here is a video where I explain how the app works and how you would import credit card statements specifically:

This video should give you a through understanding on some of the advanced ways you can take advantage of this awesome app.  It is also worth mentioning, that you can import lists:

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Employees
  • Items (Products and Services)
  • Accounts
  • Classes
  • Locations

And the same transactions  and lists that can be imported, can also be exported from QuickBooks Online into your own spreadsheet, which makes it ideal for transferring data from one QuickBooks file to another QuickBooks file.

We have not yet worked with the Delete and Modify features that are included with the app; but these features seem very promising, maybe we will do a separate article and/or video on those features soon! You can also lear more about the app directly from the portal

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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