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Sending Forms to Customers by Email

Before QuickBooks 2014, sending (emailing) transactions like invoices to customers was a very basic feature. There was one email message. You could edit that message, but it would not save anywhere. The next invoice to be emailed would require you to make the edits all over again.

The next screenshot is from QuickBooks 2013.


This screen in preferences is where you could customize the email message. Note that a customized message could be created for each of several different transaction types, but only one message per transaction. Any other modifications had to be made at the time of sending the email, and would have to be repeated each time a custom message was desired.

The next screenshot is from QuickBooks 2014.


As you can see, multiple email templates can be created in QuickBooks 2014. Any one of several can be designated as the default, and the default template can be changed at will.

In addition, fields that access QuickBooks data can be used in the template so that each email will be customized according to the transaction it sends.


Above we see a template for invoices that provides a more casual approach to the customer. Thus the name, Casual Vet Invoice.

The first (top) arrow points to a field named [Transaction-Total]. This information will pull from QuickBooks to show the invoice total for any invoice that will be attached to this email. You can see a number of other fields in the email body that will pull information from QuickBooks.

The second arrow (bottom), points to the pop up list that appears when the Insert Field button is selected.

In this new version, it is possible to create completely custom email messages, several for each transaction type, and switch between them to suit the situation.

When emailing an invoice, the following screen is presented.


If you use the Attached Documents feature in QuickBooks, note that there is now an option to include those documents along with the invoice. Note the Med Specs.pdf attachment in the screenshot. This is optional with each use, you will be given the option to include or exclude attachments when you select the Send button.

The small paper clip icon to the right of the list of pdf attachments allows the attachment of other documents you may want to send along with the email.

The arrow points to the template, Casual Vet invoice, which is the current default. It is possible to change the template at this point in the process.

Also notice how the fields used in the custom template are now filled in with the appropriate QuickBooks data.

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Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia is a CPA and QuickBooks Consultant.

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