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Special Enterprise Features for Assembly Items

Today’s post involves two features in QuickBooks Enterprise specifically dealing with Assembly type items.

Assemblies Where Used

What this means is that a search can be conducted in the software for a particular item, inquiring as to all the locations (Assembly Items) where this item is used.

A right-click on an item either in the Inventory Center or the Item List will show a popup menu. One of the selections on that menu is now “Assemblies Where Used…”

assemblies where used

This screenshot is the result of making that menu selection. Note from the arrow the column will list all the assembly items that contain that one particular item. Also, a very useful feature is circled. That is the ability to replace that item with another replacement item in all assemblies in one step. Very useful.

Assembly Cost and Price Rollup

Again, considering nested assemblies, this can be an important improvement in QuickBooks Enterprise. Since QuickBooks Enterprise 2012, we have had the ability to let QuickBooks automatically update cost and price fields as item costs change.

However, the assembly item cost field was not updated as the components costs changed. In the event where prices were calculated from the cost field of an assembly item, that price could be incorrect.

This feature allows the change in cost of one component item to ripple upward throughout all assemblies using that item, and change all the cost fields. This will result in greater accuracy for pricing.

The next screenshot shows the new dropdown list at the cost field of an assembly item, allowing the user to set the method for computing cost. Note that you are able to set a specific user-defined cost if desired.

It should also be mentioned that QuickBooks will still make all accounting entries based on average cost. But, the pricing mechanism that is based on cost uses the editable Cost field.

assembly cost price rollup


Hector Garcia, CPA
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Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia is a CPA and QuickBooks Consultant.

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