NOTE: it is IMPERATIVE that you make sure Customer:Job names, Employee/Vendor names, payroll items, service items, and classes all match, otherwise results will be undesirable

**Intuit does not support IIF files, use at your own risk!  Make sure you always back-up first!


There are two versions of this template…

1) The FREE IIF template, downloadable here and it looks like this when you open it in excel:

For QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise) year versions 2008 to 2022

What the headers on row 3 mean?

  1. DATE: day of the timesheet entry (REQUIRED)
  2. JOB: Customer:Job to assign timesheet entry to
  3. EMP: Employee name for timesheet entry (REQUIRED)
  4. ITEM: Service item used for billable entries
  5. PITEM: Payroll Item for Paychecks (REQUIRED) – Not used if name is Vendor or Other Name
  6. DURATION: Time in hours; 8.25 hours = 8 hours and 15 minutes (REQUIRED)
  7. PROJ: Class
  8. NOTE: Description/Note for each time entry
  9. BILLINGSTATUS: Mark as Billable

Note, you will only change the data from row 4 and bellow, please do not touch the first 3 row headers!

Download free template here:

NOTE: there is NO Support included with the free template 

2) My EXCEL MACRO Template for $39

That can easily be used to copy/paste your data into the template and the IIF file will be created for you, looks like this:

It will create an IIF file that can be imported into QuickBooks timesheets that can be used to create payroll and/or billable activities:


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Purchase Hector’s Easy Timesheet IIF** Template for $39



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