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Transaction Pro Deleter VS. Karl’s Data Remover for QuickBooks

I will be comparing these two products head to head:

First, do not let the price predicate what you think the tool’s capabilities are.  The first think to know is that Transaction Pro Deleter is designed to work in all year version of QuickBooks, where Karl’s tools are version specific to two years, and you must upgrade couple of years if you are working on the newest version.

Right off the bat, I  liked the simplicity of Transaction Deleter, so for must people is going to be easiest to start working with this tool right away,

With Transaction Pro Deleter, you can choose the transaction or list type and the date range, after you click on RECEIVE TRANSACTIONS, you can delete all or pick and choose what you want to keep, by selecting them and clicking on DELETE ROWS, after whatever you are left with in the list, you can remove from Quickbooks by clicking on DELETE TXNS.

Unfortunately with simplicity you lack option, which is what I liked most about Karl’s Data remover.

Although the screen is definitely not as friendly as I want for some of my clients (however, if you ever used another of Karl’s 20+ tools you will be just fine, uses same interface) it is much more powerful in options, for example I can use Additional Criteria to create filters around which data I want to remove

And the List options are much more detailed, for example I can choose to only show Inventory Items:

Where as , Transaction Pro Deleter will show ALL items and you would have to manually choose the range of transactions to delete.

Karl’s Data Remover tool has a an edge, where you can get a report at the end of the session and have a record of what was deleted and what wasn’t (and why).

Conclusion, I cannot pin one against the other because they are not apples to apples (although you can argue the end result is the same). I Think, I would choose one tool for one specific project and vice-versa


Hector Garcia, CPA
“Fighting the war against data entry”

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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