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Transfer account to a new or different Primary Master Admin in QuickBooks Online


Very often, there is a user (such an accountant/consultant) that will create a QuickBooks Online account under their own credentials and then later on want to transfer the account to their client (the actual business owner) so they can be the Primary Master Admin and have total control over their account, including paying for it and/or being able to cancel it when they please.  In other cases the business is transferred or sold to a new owner, in either case, this tutorial will be helpful.



1. Login to QuickBooks Online as the current Master Admin:


2. Click on the GEAR ICON on the top right of the screen


3. Click “Manage users”


4. Click “Add user” if the other Admin user does not currently exists


5. Make sure to make the new user a “Company admin” and Click Next


6. Enter the new Master Admin’s Info:


7. The new admin user should have an email that says “X has invited you to use QuickBooks Online…”


8. They need to accept the invitation and click on “Ready to get started? Let’s go!”


9. the. new admin user will create their new QuickBooks Online credentials


10. And finally click “Create Account”


11. And then on “Continue”


12. Once the new user is logged in, have them go to the Gear Icon on the top right


13. Click “Manage users”


14. …and see that they are setup as “Admin” only, but the old user is still the “Primary Admin”, so now we need the old admin to Transfer the rights to the new user in the next steps!


15. NOW, the old admin needs to login back into QuickBooks to transfer the rights to the new admin


16. Click on the Gear Icon


17. Click “Billing & subscription”


18. Click “Manage users”


19. Click on the “Edit” link next to the new admin’s user


20. Click “Make primary admin”


21. And again click on “Make primary admin” to confirm


22. Now, back to the new admin, they need to click on an email with the subject: “New Company File: Account Privileges Granted”


23. And then, Click “To accept the role of Primary Administrator”


24. The hyper link should be under “here”


25. The new admin needs to use their QuickBooks Online credentials on the screen that looks like this:


26. Once logged back in, they can verify they are the new Primary Admin by clicking on the Gear Icon


27. Click “Manage users”


28. And see that they user is now Master admin


29. If they want to delete the old admin, they can just click on the Edit link next to their name


30. Click “Delete”


31. and then click “Delete” one more time to confirm!


32. The new admin should probably setup payment information to make sure the account is activated with their payment info. So they click on the Gear icon.


33. Click “Account and settings”


34. Click “Billing & subscription”


35. Click “Subscribe”


36. Enter all the Account/Payment information


37. And finally click on “Subscribe” to saver the payment information.


That’s it! the new admin owns/controls the account 100%


Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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