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Updates to QuickBooks Online in 2014

QuickBooks Online went through 11 mayor updates during 2014, each update was released with a blog article from the Intuit’s QuickBooks Blog, here they are:

  • Dec 22 2014: management reports, payee column on bank page, collapsible left navbar.
  • Dec 4 2014: customer split view, bank rule import, print blank lines.
  • Oct 2014: bank feed improvements, apply a payment to multiple invoices.
  • Sep 2014: bank feed rules, QuickBooks Labs, timesheet changes.
  • Aug 22 2014: Expense list attachments, online payment on recurring invoices.
  • Aug 1 2014: bug fixes for home page graphs, timesheets, collapse activity rows.
  • Jul 25 2014: sales form layout control, table column sort and resizing, billable item filtering.
  • Jul 11 2014: improvements to weekly timesheets, sales form fields, deposit summaries.
  • Jun 27 2014: sales form customization and table layout improvements, copy last timesheet.
  • Jun 13 2014: better deposit slip printing, more informative billable cards, row numbers.
  • May 2014: Private mode, better timesheet entry, receive payment by invoice number.

I am very excited to see what updates and new features we will see in QuickBooks Online in 2015; I have many features in my wish list, however the following are to me the most important I would live to see:

  1. Ability to do backorders via Sales Orders, and backorders for purchases by allowing you to partially receive a Purchase Order: This would allow many reluctant QuickBooks Premier users to move to QuickBooks Online because its current inventory shortfalls
  2. Customizable layout to the bank register, currently neither QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online offer this… However, this should provide for a more friendly data entry screen.   There are tons of customers that prefer working from the bank register, rather than using online banking.  Additionally, allow for copy/paste capabilities within the bank register (sor of like Batch Enter Transactions from QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise)
  3. Robust user/permission controls, currently the user permissions are too broad, does not allow for good controls.  Additionally, ability to choose which users can  view QuickBooks from their mobile devices and actually limit what they can do.
  4. CSV/Excel Import of any transaction such as Invoices, Bills, Bank Transactions, Credit Cards, Checks, Expenses, Deposits, etc…

This article was not meant to be a wishlist, I have another article with my QuickBooks wishlist I started in 2013.

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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