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Upgrading from QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise 2015 to 2018? Here are the differences…

New features added in 2016 (VIDEO):

  • Bill Tracker
  • Bulk Clear Send Forms
  • Fiscal Year-to-Last Month Report Filter
  • Auto Copy Ship-To Address
  • Filter for Custom Fields in Item Reports
  • Continuous Feed Label Printer Support
  • Numeral custom field calculation subtotaling  ENTERPRISE ONLY
  • Sort on Columns in Receive Payment  ENTERPRISE ONLY
  • Batch Delete/Void Transactions  ACCOUNTANT & ENTERPRISE ONLY

New features added in 2017 (VIDEO):

  • Scheduled Reports
  • Show filters on reports
  • Enhanced selection of filter values
  • In between amount search
  • Search as you type
  • Vendor/customer type in the Customer and Vendor Center Filters
  • Remind users of un-deposited funds (Homepage icon improvement)
  • Showing company file name in deposit summary
  • Cleared flag on CC charges
  • Copy Line/Paste Line in time sheets
  • Show the deleted user in audit trail report
  • Enhanced Multiuser switching workflow ENTERPRISE ONLY

New features added in 2018 (VIDEO):

  • Multi-Monitor Support* you can now expand QuickBooks across 2 or 3 monitors respecting the maximize rules per screen! And a keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+N to toggle any window across screens. Also CTRL+ALT+M toggle the multi-monitor feature on/off – VIDEO
  • Copy/Paste Line Shortcuts CTRL+ALT+Y and CTRIL+ALT+V
  • Past Due Stamp can now be added to Invoice and the user has the choice on which invoices get the stamp or not
  • Search in Chart of Accounts finally we can search and filter searched results in the chart of accounts by account name or number
  • Cash/Accrual Toggle on reports now you can quickly toggle between cash basis and accrual basis on any report without having to click on Customize Reports, saves 2 clicks
  • Stay Logged-in preference* now gives the user the option to stay logged in op to 90 days without having to enter the password to get into QuickBooks. *Not available in hosted environments
  • Secure Webmail Support for users of Gmail and Hotmail services, can now use the secure protocol that allows them to use these email services via QuickBooks to e-mail forms and report.
  • Inventory Report Improvements now you can add additional columns for Inventory Valuation Summary and Inventory Stock Status Reports
  • Merge Vendors is a great new feature that allows you to merge up to 4 vendors in a single swoop, and consolidate entire history of the multiple vendors as if it was just one vendor; great for duplicate vendor clean-up (QuickBooks Accountant and Enterprise Only)
  • Mobile Picking with an Android Device allows the back-office team to send orders to the warehouse team with instructions of which Sales Orders to pick through a mobile device via WIFI and the warehouse can notify the back office team that a Sales Orders has been partially or fully picked and ready for shipment all via the mobile device without touching QuickBooks. ENTERPRISE ONLY
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning with a special Android Device that has a built-in scanner, the warehouse team can also scan the barcodes of the product while is being picked to confirm that the right product and quantities are being picked for shipping ENTERPRISE ONLY

We are resellers and can help you upgrade to the latest version.  Cal us 954-414-1524 for more information or e-mail us:

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Hector Garcia

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