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Using QuickBooks for import/export Business.

One of the greatest things about getting into the import/export business is the chance to interact with people from a variety of other countries and cultures. However, one of the toughest things to deal with when you get into the import/export business is facing all the accounting and tax issues that arise when you work with other countries. This is why you need QuickBooks Courses to help keep your accounting department up to speed with each new addition to your import/export country roster.

Here are some of the reasons why your accounting department can benefit from QuickBooks, and the specialized training that we provide.

  • The QuickBooks program can handle any number of different currencies.
  • QuickBooks can be set up to handle a variety of different tax structures and codes.
  • You can add additional currencies and accounts at any time.
  • QuickBooks can integrate with other software, such as VISCO Importer, to manage Purchasing, Sales, Inventory and Logistics.
  • There are powerful price adjustment tools available that integrate with QuickBooks, such as the Price Update Utility, which integrate accounting and inventory departments seamlessly.
  • We can provide customized training that will meet your company’s particular needs. You can send one individual or a group to our offices for specialized training, or we can come to your office for onsite individual or group training.
  • We can even provide training via remote access, across the country and around the world, so that your entire company learns the same quality lessons, tips and tricks. This enables all your departments to function seamlessly together, since they have learned QuickBooks in the same way.

Are you ready to take your accounting department’s capabilities to the next level? If so, contact us today to sign your team up for QuickBooks courses.

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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