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Using the Customers and Vendors Pages on New QuickBooks

The Customers and Vendors pages in the new QuickBooks version are completely revised and upgraded to make the entire experience easier and more consistent for you. Through the one-click actions and powerful and accurate filters offered, you can find your customers and vendors in seconds if you need to take further actions in communicating with them.



Here are some of the features that the Customers and Vendors pages now include

Better Data Visibility

In the new version, you will be able to see the details of your customers through a list instead of having to click on their names to view their information. This displayed information includes significant details like their address and phone numbers.


Sending Emails

The new QuickBooks Online version also features an email icon next to the names of your customers. With this, you can connect with them through your own email address instantly. To add an email address to your account, you will have to click on the name, select the “Edit Profile” option and add an email. You can also add a default email account to open all the email links that appear on your QuickBooks.

Improved Search and Filter

There are several new filters added to the Customers and Vendors pages that can help you search through lists quickly. You can find filters like overdue invoices to filter customers, open bills to filter vendors and paid to see your recent payments. You can clear a particular filter by clicking on it again. Moreover, if you already know you who want to find, you can simply type in their name into the search bar and reach them directly.

Action Buttons

With all filtered results, actionable buttons will be included so that you can take immediate action without having to leave the page and taking the risk of forgetting about something important. There will be a drop-down menu provided next to each filtered result. That way, you can perform certain actions right away.

Creating Statements

You can now create batch statements for your customers with a customer-first approach. To send these statements, you first need to filter your customers through overdue invoices. Then, you can select all the customers you want to send a statement to and simply send online statements to all of them right away.

Taking Deeper Action

If you need to follow up on specific transactions in a deeper way, you can simply click on their names or on the blue link that appears in the row. The link will take you to a page displaying pre-filtered transactions that have occurred between you and the customer/vendor.

All these new features of the Customers and Vendor pages make it extremely easy for you to handle all your financial transactions with single-click actions.

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

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